Workplace Safety

My favorite safety slogan has always been: I expect you to leave here with the same number of fingers and toes that you came in with. I always felt this one gets the point across.

A firm should always provide health and safety regulations when you start. A quality firm also will provide routine testing and maintenance carried out by professional engineers. This will ensure your equipment is working efficiently and complying with PSHSA government health and safety class.

They will offer safety products such as footwear, personal protection, road safety and a lot more. They believe in providing you with the best training and protection in order to ensure safety in the workplace. If you feel your workplace is not safe enough, speak to your superiors about your uncertainty. They should ensure you feel safe while working in your environment.

Remember that both parties, the employer and employee, need to walk away feeling like they’re both comfortable doing what they’re doing. Find out what is important to both parties.

Provide educational information for small businesses in the community by contributing to your local chamber of commerce. Think workplace safety, workman’s comp, etc.

Let’s talk about safety workwear. Safety footwear is designed to be used specifically in workplaces and protects your feet from heat and cold, slippery and wet surfaces, falling objects, stepping on things that are sharp, and from being exposed to corrosive chemicals. When you are deciding on what new safety footwear you should buy for work, make sure that the fit and comfort level are right. If the footwear doesn’t fit correctly or causes any discomfit, you can end up with ingrown toenails, calluses, or even just have very achey, tired feet. While these are not considered work-related injuries, they do have health consequences. Pain, discomfort, and fatigue are serious problems because workers can become distracted and be injured, all from wearing ill-fitting footwear. Sometimes companies will even reimburse you for your safety purchases including footware, eye goggles, and hard hats.

The importance of maintaining a clean work area cannot be stressed enough. Safety cannot be guaranteed if you have items scattered around the work space. Having a home for all of your tools allows you to put them away when done working on a project or hobby. Once you are done for the day simply put your tools back in their designated areas and take out the shop vacuum to clean up the space. This will allow you to use your area whenever you need to without the frustration of locating items and an unsightly mess.

Maintain a clean work area. Potential exposures to hazardous material and conditions can be dramatically reduced simply by keeping the work area clean. And the benefit in employee productivity and morale is worth the effort even without the safety incentive.

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