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The current Georgia health insurance commissioner is John Oxendine. He has been the Georgia health insurance commissioner since 1994, and is currently in the midst of his fourth term. Mr. Oxendine just unsuccessfully ran in the Republican primaries for governor of Georgia. The two Republican candidates that are running for the Georgia health insurance commissioner’s office are Maria Sheffield and Ralph T. Hudgens.

One of the main platform issues in the game for Georgia health insurance commissioner has been linked to the health care reform acts’ mandates to states. As Georgia health insurance commissioner, John Oxendine, joined a class action lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of the health care reform acts. Also, the Georgia health insurance commissioner’s office opted out of setting up federally mandated health insurance exchanges. This resulted in the federal government overseeing this program themselves. This was permitted by the law. Georgia isn’t the only state that decided to manage the health insurance exchanges this way. Nineteen other states also stepped aside and allow the federal government implement the required health insurance exchanges. The reason given by the fact that the office of the Georgia health insurance commission didn’t believe that Georgia had the necessary funds in place to carry out the program without putting other state run programs and Georgia residents, at financial risk. In case you want a little more posts relevant to this topic, browse; apply at this website for a paycheck loan in Atlanta Ga.

The candidates for georgia health insurance commissioner are being asked a lot of questions regarding how they would handle the health care reform. Maria Sheffield who is an attorney who has worked in the state’s Department of Insurance, maintains that she’ll try to reduce the negative impact the federal laws might have on the state of Georgia. Ralph T. Hudgens states that the Georgia health insurance commission is an administrator and not a policy maker, and therefore sees no reason to fight against federal laws. Mr. Hudgens chairs the Georgia Senate’s insurance and labor committee. Both are committed to helping Georgia’s health insurance industry maintain high standards and provide excellent goods and services to Georgia residents.

Continuing On With Governor Of Georgia

Whoever wins the Republican primary will run against Democrat Mary Squires in November. Mr. Oxendine is currently being looked at closely due to some ethics complaints against him as he ran for governor. However, he has a lot of experience as Georgia health insurance commissioner, and most people agree he has taken a lot of the progress achieved and improvements in the health insurance industry in Georgia. The vision statement of the Office of the Georgia Health Insurance Commissioner is to have a well trained work force, utilize technology to facilitate regulation, coordinate state regulators, provide better access to services and more fire safety information, and result in a consumer friendly, competitive market place.

The Georgia Lemon Law doesn’t apply to any defect or condition that is the product of abuse, neglect or unauthorized modification of the car by the consumer.

The Georgia Lemon Law applies for 2 years after the date you took delivery of your car or after the initial 24, 000 miles of your use, whichever occurs first.

Consumers can find information about all sorts of insurance products, brokers, insurance companies, and agents, on the internet site of the georgia health insurance commissioner. This is likewise the place where consumers can come to produce a complaint, or ask about their rights as consumers. There is a lot of valuable information about flood and fire protection, how to file or submit claims, and rural health care information. There is information accessible to the public, to brokers and agents, and to agencies.

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