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Apple Struggles to Break Ties with Samsung






California – They say that breaking up is hard to do. This really seems to be the case in the matter of Apple and Samsung.

Samsung is Apple’s biggest rival when it comes to smartphones and PC tablets. Coincidentally, the former is also Apple’s main supplier for the chips used in iPhones and iPads, at least until 2014. Imagine the predicament that Apple seems to find itself in. After all, how can you break ties with the company that supplies almost all of the major components of your devices even the better part of the decade involved patent lawsuits left and right?

Never the less, Apple seems to have already found a way to get out of Samsung’s path for good. After much technical delays, the company has finally sealed the deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. earlier this week. This deal has long been rumored but the reason why it has taken forever to push through is because the previous TSMC chips were unable to meet the performance standards set by Apple. However, TSMC has finally figured out how it can meet Apple standards and that is by utilizing the advanced “20-nanometer” technology in manufacturing the chips it will be supplying.

The breaking of ties could seriously hurt Samsung’s revenues. After all, orders from Apple amount to more than 10% of the company’s revenues. It has been noted that Apple has been trying to break ties with Samsung since 2008.

Both Samsung and Apple declined to comment on this news.



The 6.3 Inches Galaxy Mega – Samsung Unveils Biggest Smartphone

The Galaxy Mega is the biggest smartphone introduced by Samsung that lets you enjoy a screen of 6.3 inches. This is the ideal size for watching videos or running two apps together. Yes, the ‘phablet’ is in now and Samsung has popularized it. The phones are gaining the tablet dimension and the first one in the queue is the Galaxy Note released in 2011. Now Samsung is focused on marketing the ‘Android power handset’ that has a high definition screen and it might also support the full HD resolution.


The other competing brands

This is a South Korean firm that claims to offer the biggest HD smartphone with 5.9 inches screen that was released in January 2013. The same was claimed by Huawei, the Chinese company that manufactured the 6.1 inches screen Acsend Mate.

The Mega and the 5.8 version releasing

Then what about the 8 inches Samsung Galaxy note? This tablet comes with radio functionality and calling facility. Samsung has suggested that in spite of the dimension, the Galaxy mega is a lightweight and a small phone. The user can use it with one hand and it seamlessly glides into the pocket. But the company will also release a 5.8 inches version as an alternative. Both of them will be available for sale from May.

Will buyers appreciate the Mega?

There is a demand for larger smartphones. It has been noticed that people are willing to buy one compact device rather than both a phone and smartphone. Yes, it is true that the Galaxy Mega is too big to use as a traditional phone but the device looks pretty phenomenal. Samsung was the most popular smart phone manufacturer in 2012.


Apple Complains About Polish Page


WARSAW – Apple, with a recent victory by a patent case against rival Samsung , is eyeing to Page A.pl. Polish Internet.

The Polish Patent Office said the maker of the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod has filed a lawsuit accusing copy one page of their icons to your logo and exploited to gain customers.

“The Apple brand is widely recognized and the company says it A.pl, using a name that sounds similar, and is using Apple’s reputation,” said spokesman Adam Taukert patent office.

A.pl Chief Executive, Radoslaw Celinski, said that “the accusation is ridiculous.” The firm, which currently does not use the logo in question, checks Apple demand.

No date has been set for the hearing.

Lawyers for Baker & McKenzie, which represents Apple in Poland, was not available for comment.




Apple’s Action on Wall Street Shines


Shares of Apple closed Monday up to 1.88%, to 675.68 units on the Nasdaq market, according to data from CNNMoney.com and after hitting an intraday record high of 676.73 dollars.

On Friday, a U.S. jury determined that the South Korean firm copied Samung key features of the iPhone and the iPad and ordered to pay compensation of 1,050 million dollars to the signature block.

Just on August 20, Apple became the most valuable company in the U.S., when its shares reached 665.15 U.S. dollars value to reach a market value of $ 618.900.

The verdict could lead to a total ban on sales of key products of Samsung and Apple likely to consolidate in the mobile communications market.

Samsung said the decision is “a loss for American consumers” because they stifle competition and raise prices.

Apple said it plans to seek a ban on sales of some Samsung devices within the next seven days.


Apple Estimates the Damage from Samsung



An expert witness Apple Inc. said Friday that consumers would be willing to pay $100 for three patented features of the smart phones that are in the center of the lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

John Hauser, a marketing professor at MIT, said he consulted to clients via the Internet on how much they would pay for some of the technologies included in the application, as the touch scroll and the recognition of multiple contact zones, which Apple says Samsung stole.

However, Samsung Hauser sank with questions about whether his study actually relates to the decision making of clients in the real world.

In addition, the director of Apple’s patent portfolio, Boris Teksler described the licensing strategy of the company saying that you can have “one hand” the number of times it has allowed other companies to use their design patents. Teksler no mention of these firms.

Apple and Samsung have not given way in a patent dispute that emulates the struggle for supremacy between rival industry , which together control more than half the sales of smartphones in the world.

The U.S. company accused Samsung of copying the design and some features of the iPad and iPhone, and calls to ban sales of South Korea in the country and compensation for damages.

Samsung, which attempts to spread in the U.S., says Apple violated some of its key patents for wireless technology.

At the end of the second week of the trial ended in federal court in San Jose, California, most of the testimony focused on technical patents.

However, at day’s end Hauser said that consumers would pay tablets $90 for the same patented features which would have paid $100 smartphones.

This information could be relevant when calculating damage for Apple, which seeks to $2.5 million from Samsung.

The South Korean company lawyer, William Price, Hauser asked why the jurors did not say how much customers pay for additional features such as computer memory in different models of tablets. That compares to the prices Apple charges in the real world, Price said.

Although Hauser said he was confident in its methodology, eventually acknowledged that their results do not necessarily correspond to what consumers actually pay for such technology in the real world.

“This is related to that, but it is not, not,” said Hauser.

Teksler left the stage after Hauser ended. While Apple is open to license patents on certain categories of said Teksler, they are very resistant to give other companies access to technology that has made central to his “unique user experience.”

All Apple patent suit against Samsung fall into that special category Teksler said.

After Samsung launched its Galaxy S phone in the summer of 2010, Teksler said the former chief executive of Apple’s current chief Tim Cook, Samsung contacted personally to complain.

Apple is one of the largest customers of the parts manufactured for Samsung smartphones and tablets.

“We were very surprised,” said Teksler. “They were a partner you trusted,” he added.



Apple Shows 126 Evidences Against Samsung



Susan Kare, the designer who created much of the appearance of the original Macintosh, took the witness stand Tuesday in the multimillion-dollar lawsuit Apple filed against Samsung for patent infringement.

Kare slide A was shown to attach (test no. 44 of the plaintiff), a comparison between a full screen of iPhone icons and a screen similar to Samsung Galaxy S1, along with instructions on how Samsung designers could use the Apple working to improve theirs. (Examples: “use highly intuitive icons” and “change the long names for the simple.”)

If the slide was not enough to convince the jury that Samsung deliberately copied the look and “brand image” of Apple (a legal term for the appearance of a product patentable), Apple had many more tests in the hole. There were 126 slides in total showing Samsung doing the same thing for almost every aspect of the iPhone user interface, from the graph on the main screen to the way a map can be manipulated to show more menu options in the Maps application.

These slides were part of the report, “Relative Evaluation Report” that Samsung created in March 2010, following the launch of Galaxy S phone and before the debut of the SII and SIII Galaxy teams.

Samsung fought hard to keep the report out of the hands of the jury. On Tuesday, Apple managed to introduce as evidence in an English translation (along with the original Korean) marked as Exhibit No. 44 of the applicant.

AllThingsD has published a Scripd version of the document admitted by the court.



The Battle of Apple and Samsung Continues



SAN FRANCISCO – Two high-tech titans face off in federal court on Monday in a trial that will be closely followed and is part of their fight for control of the super smartphones and tablets in the U.S..

Apple Inc. filed a civil lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co. last year, considering that the smart phones and tablets of the largest manufacturer in the world are illegal imitations of its popular iPhone and iPad products. The company based in the Californian town of Cupertino demand $2.5 million in damages, a figure that would exceed by far the largest failure to date issued patent violation.

Samsung accuses Apple of stealing their patent and that part of the technology at issue-like rounded rectangular design of smart phones and tablets, have been industry standards for years.

The U.S. trial is the latest confrontation between the two companies for the design of their products. A similar case began last week and both companies have litigated in the courts in Britain and Germany. The case is one of 50 lawsuits between different telecommunications companies seeking to improve their position in the growing market of smartphones and tablets is $219 million.

In the U.S., the Federal Court Judge, Lucy Koh, in the Californian town of San Jose, ordered last month that the U.S. market Samsung withdrew its 10.1 tablet Galaxy until the end of the trial, although the judge barred lawyers from Apple to inform the jury of the ban.

“It’s a very emphatic statement of the judge and shows what he thinks about some of the arguments of Apple,” said Bryan Love, Professor of Law at Santa Clara University and specializes in patents. Love said that although the case will be decided by ten jurors, the judge has the authority to overrule its decision if you think you missed.

“In a way much of the case are not Apple’s claims for damages, but if Samsung can sell their products,” said Professor Mark A. Lemley, Faculty of Law at Stanford University and director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology.

Lemley also said a ruling in favor of Apple could indicate to consumers that the products with the Android operating system, such as Samsung, are in legal limbo.

A ruling in favor of Samsung , especially if their demands contends that the other party to pay multimillion amounts for certain transmission technology that controls could expensive Apple products.