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HDFC Bank Leads the Market for More Than 13 Years

India’s premier private sector banks and money lender, HDFC Bank has been leading the national market in India for more than 54 weeks now. It is more than 13 years in a row. It is certainly a big achievement of the bank that shows its strong hold in the Indian market. The bank has been maintaining a steady growth rate of more than 30 percent over the years.


As per the quarterly report issued by the bank for the last quarter ended on March 31, 2013, the Bank recorded a growth rate of 30.1 percent in the net profits. Revealing the statistics to the press, the bank analysts claimed to maintain this rate of growth with a fairly positive chance of bettering it even further. The HDFC Bank works with a solid planning that takes it closer to the market where the scope of business is wider than the other aspects.

The strategists working for the Bank are focusing towards the retail market and other such areas where it can put more customers under its flagship. However, the Bank targets the corporate market and has a very strong hold over the capital that is involved in the business through different corporate companies.

The bank comes up with innovative plans and policies that are highly beneficial for its customers. Moreover, it works with a full dedication to bring the best banking services to its customers. The NRI facilities from HDFC Bank are really very good that attracts the NRIs towards the bank.

US Recognizes Japan as the Largest Export Market

The US market for the Asian countries continues to expand for four consecutive years this year. However, the United States has replaced China and has placed Japan as the largest Export Market in Asia. The same position had been held by China for 2011 and 2012. China had been the potential export market for the US till March 31, 2013.

japan economy

Statistics in Exports

The available figures show that in the year 2012, Japan recorded a deficit of 8.170 trillion yen which is nearly equal to $82.94 billion. During this period, the country faced lower exports with larger imports. Japan recorded a significant decrease in trade in the fields of shipping, mining machineries, and electronic parts. Among these, the shipping industry lost maximum in terms of value. It was nearly 15.2 percent of the total fiscal deficit.  It was followed by Construction and Mining industry that lost about 12.6 percent.

Statistics in Imports:

The year 2012 witnessed unprecedented rise in the imports of Liquefied Natural gas (LNG), telecommunication, and crude oil. Among these commodities, the telecommunication witness phenomenal growth of 31.9 percent. It was followed by the sharp increase in imports in LNG which touched a growth rate of 14.9 percent.

Overall standings

Japan is now considered as the third largest country in the world in terms of economy.  It follows US and China very closely and the expectations are stronger for taking them over sooner. This growth rate is also a fruitful sign for other Asian countries that have the potential of growth in the time to come as well.


Predictions of Agents and Homeowners in Real Estate Market Of 2013

The Real Estate business has flourished to a huge extent in the past few years and its making a huge interest worldwide. The agents are phenomenal at taking historical data and translating it for the determination of current market condition. The prognosis, predictions related to the Real Estate Market of 2013.


According to the National Association of Home Builders, from January to February of this year, the housing starts rose to 2% though decreased from December 2012.The NAHB forecasted that 641,000 single families which is quite down from December, January and February numbers.

They even reported that the builder’s confidence is down with the depressing in narrow sections where there is a rise in cost for labor and building materials. Well the agents claim that 2014 will be blessed year of new housing construction, not 2013.

Regarding mortgaged inventory, the predictions is that it will fall in 2013 .The mortgaged inventories are threatened to a significant swing in housing market supply. 2013 will be a mixed bag.

The normal vacancy for homes is about 1.5% while it is down by 0.4 % from the 2012 fourth quarter .The normal amount of inventory is coming close not increasing rather falling. The prices are rising and are set to get hiked this year.

The home prices were expected to rise 3.3% annually through 2017. Though optimistically, Corelogic predicts home prices will hike to 6% this year.


Gold Price Hits Its Lowest In Last 2 Years

Due to the frequent ups and downs in the global gold markets and changes in the international exchange rates, gold price hits its lowest in last 19 months. The effects of this price reduction have caused a favorable condition among the potential gold buyers. The reduction in the price continued to slow down for a few days but it gained some strength late last night with a slight gain.

gold bar

Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)

This MCX has been a crucial factor for this market situation. The MCX indicator ended a down of 112 rupees and it closed at 25,654 rupees for every 10 gram. The same indicator hit its lowest at 25,435 rupees previously and it was the lowest in the last 19 months. This precious yellow metal was also influenced by the US market where the MCX recorded a low of 0.37% and the price ended at $1.382.2 for every ounce.

The Possible Upcoming Boost:

The bullion market experts, however, are not very much sure about the future price of gold. The experts feel that the prices are likely to go up once again after Akshaya Tritiya, a festival dedicated to gold purchasing. However, they are of one opinion that this is the best time for the potential buyers to make a good purchase of this metal, as the prices are likely to go up again sooner or later.

India has been putting its best efforts to adopt suitable policies to increase its gold assets. The announcement of P. Chidambaram, the Finance Minister of India, has a favorable impact on this market situation. The experts have firm faith in the role played by the minister.

US Retail Sales Dramatically Shrink-Know Details

The US retails sales have witnessed a downfall across all the sectors in the Month of March. This has been shown by official figures and the fall is the cause of the very recent rise in tax which has affected all the consumers. According to the U.S commerce department, the consumers spent $418bn, a plunge of 0.4 % on the previous month. This was the second decline in three months.

Retail Sales

Business Loss

In early 2013, payroll tax increase was introduced and the analysts have guessed that the fall in spending might be due to these reasons. The sales have become extremely low. Departmental stores, car dealers, electronic retailers, grocery stores and sports goods store, all of them reported a reduction in business. It has very much affected their earning.

The Stagnant Economy

After the figures of both January and February were revised, the picture showed the stagnant U.S economy. This year, there is an expectation of the U.S economy to grow by 2% this year but still the chances are fragile.

Shrinkage In The Job Market

Can you believe that last month, job figures have shown less than even 90,000 new jobs? The population is growing at a tremendous rate so the amount of job creations is lesser. This is resulting in a misbalance in the employment levels.

The payroll tax rise means someone who draws an annual salary of $50, 000 will collect $1,000 less this year. According to Paul Dales, an economist at ‘Capital economics’ he predicted that the slowdown would not be a prolonged one.

Do you think there will be a severe growth in the economy in recent years, it’s a doubt?