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Governors of State Do Not Want Producers to Vote on Royalties


BRAZIL – Governors and representatives of more than 15 states began a movement to vote on the bill by collecting royalties from oil. This has been approved by the senate, which benefits the non-producing states. They also want to modify the calculation of the base salary of teachers and advocate renegotiation of the debts of the states with the Union.

The governors decided to make a movement of pressure and met with the presidents of the Chamber, Marco Maia (PT-SP), and the Senate, José Sarney (PMDB-AP). At the meeting, Marco Maia said that governors should mobilize their benches and a window can vote in the second half of March. But there are states such as Rio and Espirito Santo who refused to vote. The governors of these states were not present at the meeting.

The project is awaiting the assessment of members, authored by Senator Vital do Rego (PMDB-PB) and approved by the senate. This can cause loss of $48.8 billion by 2020 in Rio de Janeiro.

Earlier, the governors gathered at the house of the governor of Maranhão, Roseana Sarney (PMDB), and outlined a plan of action to press for a vote of royalties and other points. These were only attended by the governors interested in the royalty rate. In this first meeting, without the presence of Maia and Sarney, governors rose tone and charges made for greater involvement by the federal government.

Senator Marcelo Crivella (PRB-RJ) attended the meeting and heard in the senate to vote on the request of the royalties. “What Rio will lose is not true. They want the board to approve that excrescence”, Crivella said.. They had six priority issues: debt renegotiation, not voting the PEC 300, establishing a mandatory national floor for firefighters and police officers, approval of the project royalties, project commerce on the Internet, and change in the law and the Fund State Participation (FPE).

The governors advocate change in the calculation of the base salary of teachers. The Ministry of Education announced on Monday the new national floor of $1,451 for 40 hours, which means an adjustment of 22.22% compared to 2011. The value is retroactive to January 1.