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Pepsico Gets In Trouble for Releasing Racist Ads

Lil Wayne no longer associated with the company

One of the most popular rappers and a well-known pop singer, Lil Wayne was signed by the PepsiCo in order to promote their company’s soda, Mountain Dew. Unfortunately, the AD got into a lot of controversies as Lil Wayne is believed to pass lewd remarks about Emmett Till in a song, the civil rights idealist.

Therefore, PepsiCo decides to sever all ties with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne’s publicist Sarah Cunningham however claims that the partying was due to “creative differences” and that they have no hard feelings for each other as it was a friendly separation. The company clearly states that it is not responsible for any racist remarks made to civil rights martyr as the AD under no circumstances represents the brands ideals.


The AD that fell prey to controversies

PepsiCo and the rapper Lil Wayne calls off a deal they made for brand promotion. Lil Wayne was accused to making racial comments about the civil rights icon Emmett Till, black teen who hailed from Chicago was brutally tortured and murdered during his stay at Mississippi for whistling at a white woman in 1955.

The Company pulled another AD

This is not the first time Pepsi got in trouble for portraying racist messages; the company also hogged quite a bit of limelight and hit the headlines with the online AD this week itself. Tyler, the creator who is also a rapper made a song in an AD for PepsiCo which circled around racist innuendos as well as violence and atrocities done on women are shown. The company apologized and pulled the AD.