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HDFC Bank Leads the Market for More Than 13 Years

India’s premier private sector banks and money lender, HDFC Bank has been leading the national market in India for more than 54 weeks now. It is more than 13 years in a row. It is certainly a big achievement of the bank that shows its strong hold in the Indian market. The bank has been maintaining a steady growth rate of more than 30 percent over the years.


As per the quarterly report issued by the bank for the last quarter ended on March 31, 2013, the Bank recorded a growth rate of 30.1 percent in the net profits. Revealing the statistics to the press, the bank analysts claimed to maintain this rate of growth with a fairly positive chance of bettering it even further. The HDFC Bank works with a solid planning that takes it closer to the market where the scope of business is wider than the other aspects.

The strategists working for the Bank are focusing towards the retail market and other such areas where it can put more customers under its flagship. However, the Bank targets the corporate market and has a very strong hold over the capital that is involved in the business through different corporate companies.

The bank comes up with innovative plans and policies that are highly beneficial for its customers. Moreover, it works with a full dedication to bring the best banking services to its customers. The NRI facilities from HDFC Bank are really very good that attracts the NRIs towards the bank.

Coca Cola is Investing More in India


NEW DELHI – Coca-Cola announced Tuesday an increase of 3.000 million in investments in India over the next eight years, a market in which the leading manufacturer of soft drinks in the world, trying to compete with its rival, Pepsi.

Investments of Coca-Cola and its bottlers, which add to the 2 million dollars over the five years announced in November, are likely to be received favorably by the Indian government, and anxious to restore investor confidence after the growth country’s minimum play in nine years in the first quarter.

The Coca-Cola ad comes just days after the Swedish retailer, IKEA, the world’s largest manufacturer of furniture, said it would invest 1.500 billion euros to open 25 stores.

“We have increased our investment here because we believe there is potential to stay ahead,” said President and CEO of Coca-Cola, Muhtar Kent. Kent told reporters in the Indian capital.

Coca-Cola has lagged behind PepsiCo’s Pepsi brand in India, where the soft drink market reaches 10.000 billion. The company is aggressively trying to strengthen its market share by cutting the price in the summer season.

Kent said Coca-Cola, which also sells brands like Minute Maid juice and Nestea, was on track to meet its target of doubling its business in a decade with global investments in its bottlers of 30.000 million dollars over the next five years.