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The Changing Picture of European Economy

Business news from one of the largest continent like Europe is something, which attracts the attention of any nation’s economy and also the scholars of political science, to make a comparative analysis of topics concerning their subject. The top featured news from Europe include David Owen’s ( the chief European Economist) comment at Jefferies International to CNBC, that Euro Zone is turning Japanese, with even the demographics looking the same as Japan fifteen years ago. The European Central bank (ECB) and its board members are gathering in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, and this meeting is expected to be remembered by everybody in times to come.


A collective howl of protests and despair is expected on the streets of Europe on 1st May 2013. Support from ECB has failed to stimulate small businesses and reach households in Euro zone, claims the analysts. Geoff Wilkinson says that, the European market recovery is at odds with fundamentals and highlights the performance of banking sector. Jim Cramer has started to wonder, if the events in Europe are likely to have an impact on US stocks. European share market on Tuesday closed at lower gains.

The most important news which shook the business industry was that Maserati dealers in Italy reported a drop of 80 percent in its production, due to which the economy of Europe had to undergo a huge loss. Apart from all the news mentioned above, if one wants to know more of business news; one can either go through the official websites of the news channels, which would give them all the comprehensive details of the news which they are looking for, or can get the same news from magazines and news papers.