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Android and iOS Gaming Consoles in the Works


It is undeniable that one of the biggest selling points of Android and iOS devices is their gaming capability. This is also why a lot of consumers have a hard time picking which type of device to purchase. Imagine being able to play games like Temple Run and Angry Birds on your TV. While the Playstation 4 and Xbox One can definitely cater to the needs of hardcore gamers, most of those who purchase Android and iOS devices are only looking to while the time away playing casual games. What if there was a gaming console that can play Android and iOS games?

That is a question that may be given an answer to in the very near future. Today’s tech giants, Google and Apple, are currently racing to come up with a gaming console dedicated to Android and iOS games. Sources at Google say that the company is making this move in response to news that Apple has already started on the first stages of their development plan.

Earlier this week however, start-up company Ouya Inc. and renowned graphics card manufacturer NVidia launched the first ever Android based gaming console and controller. Priced at $99 per unit, this console is surely going to be a hit. Coincidentally, Google has been closely monitoring the sales of the Ouya console.

If the rumored plans of Google and Apple pushes through, what could this mean for Ouya? Many say that it will definitely kill the Ouya console in the market because the two giants will most likely come up with a better, albeit more expensive version. Ouya’s capability to run ROM emulated games could be its only edge.


The Battle of Apple and Samsung Continues



SAN FRANCISCO – Two high-tech titans face off in federal court on Monday in a trial that will be closely followed and is part of their fight for control of the super smartphones and tablets in the U.S..

Apple Inc. filed a civil lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co. last year, considering that the smart phones and tablets of the largest manufacturer in the world are illegal imitations of its popular iPhone and iPad products. The company based in the Californian town of Cupertino demand $2.5 million in damages, a figure that would exceed by far the largest failure to date issued patent violation.

Samsung accuses Apple of stealing their patent and that part of the technology at issue-like rounded rectangular design of smart phones and tablets, have been industry standards for years.

The U.S. trial is the latest confrontation between the two companies for the design of their products. A similar case began last week and both companies have litigated in the courts in Britain and Germany. The case is one of 50 lawsuits between different telecommunications companies seeking to improve their position in the growing market of smartphones and tablets is $219 million.

In the U.S., the Federal Court Judge, Lucy Koh, in the Californian town of San Jose, ordered last month that the U.S. market Samsung withdrew its 10.1 tablet Galaxy until the end of the trial, although the judge barred lawyers from Apple to inform the jury of the ban.

“It’s a very emphatic statement of the judge and shows what he thinks about some of the arguments of Apple,” said Bryan Love, Professor of Law at Santa Clara University and specializes in patents. Love said that although the case will be decided by ten jurors, the judge has the authority to overrule its decision if you think you missed.

“In a way much of the case are not Apple’s claims for damages, but if Samsung can sell their products,” said Professor Mark A. Lemley, Faculty of Law at Stanford University and director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology.

Lemley also said a ruling in favor of Apple could indicate to consumers that the products with the Android operating system, such as Samsung, are in legal limbo.

A ruling in favor of Samsung , especially if their demands contends that the other party to pay multimillion amounts for certain transmission technology that controls could expensive Apple products.




Oracle vs. Google: Who Will Win?

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal jury was unable to agree Monday on a crucial issue in a case where Oracle accuses Google of copyright violation, and thus played down their find strength that depended Google technology from another company to develop its popular Android for wireless devices.

The stalemate that emerged in a court in San Francisco complicates the attempt to Oracle Corp., receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from Google, on the basis that the Internet search leader improperly copied parts of Android Java programming system.

Although the jury decided that Android violates some copyrights of Java, the five men and seven women on the jury had different positions on whether the acts of Google were permissible under the provision of “fair use” falling under the U.S. law.

The fair use provision allows some parts of a copyrighted work that can be used in other creative expressions without permission, such as books, movies and software.

With the issue of “fair use” pending, it appears that Oracle now has little hope of emerging from the trial with a clear victory.

Oracle, a maker of computer programming, has been asking for a maximum of $1 million in damages and an injunction to reschedule Google Android if they can not reach an agreement on licensing.

The federal district judge, William Alsup, on Monday informed counsel for both parties unless there is a verdict on fair use, there is “zero findings of copyright liability”.

The jury also found that Android violates nine lines of Java code, but that demand would not have possibly worth more than $150,000 in damages, based on previous statements made in the process.


Google will sell ‘tablets’ this year: WSJ

MEXICO CITY – The Google technology company intends to market and sell tablets directly to consumers through its online store similar to what their rivals Apple and Amazon, people familiar with the matter reported to the Wall Street Journal.
“The move is an effort to reverse the weak PC sales tablet software with Google’s Android,” quotes the newspaper in its online version.

Some of the devices to be sold at the online store brand share of Google, the source told the WSJ. Google does not manufacture the tablets and their partners such as Samsung and ASUSTeK Computer, will be responsible for the hardware. The first Android tablet could go on sale later this year by Taiwan-based Asus, said one of the informants.

Google expects to launch the next version of its Android software in mid-2012, sources added.

Android, iPhone threat

Despite the leadership of the Apple iPad on the market of ‘tablets’, his reign could end in 2015, the year that Google’s Android operating system could exalt as the number 1 in this sector, said this month the consultant IDC technology.

“As the only vendor with products IOS, Apple will remain dominant in the number of units sold. However, as you increase the number of manufacturers of tablet s based on Android, Google’s operating system will surpass Apple in 2015 “said Tom Maninelli, research director of IDC’s mobile division, in a report sent to press.

One of the main drivers of progress is the growth of Android devices like the Amazon Kindle retailer’s Fire, in 2011 only sold 4.7 million handsets.

At the end of 2011, IOS Apple had a market share of 54.7% in the area of tablets, followed by a 44.6% Android and BlackBerry in a distant third with just 0.7%.