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Amazon.Com to Employ 500 For Tech-Related Jobs In Fairfax County

The Gov. of Virginia, Robert F. McDonnell (R) has made an announcement that Amazon.com is planning a recruitment of 500 employees to its Fairfax County Web Service Businesses. The Dulles Corridor was cemented as a major information technology centre and big data storage. This highlighted the retail giant’s growing role as computer storage provider through the division of Amazon Web Services that was established by the company in the year 2006.


Mr. McDonnell also said in a press release that to support engineering and services for commercial as well as Government customers of AWS cloud services, Amazon will create a Herndon area office. An amount of $100,000 per year is expected to be paid by the jobs as an average. No further information was received from a spokesperson of Amazon.

The Western Fairfax and parts of Loudoun County houses an important telecommunication network which has been named as MAE-east and it is the main Internet hub on the East Coast and connects to a growing network of data centers and other infrastructures of technology. The vice chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Raul Fernandez has commented that Virginia has delivered and one more time has stood aside from other jurisdictions.

He also added by saying that the other jobs which will be created out of these Amazon jobs shall result in the addition of the diversification of employer base in that region. On the other hand, $ 500, 000 has been approved by McDonnell as state grant for assisting the Amazon’s recruitment and training.

Amazon Buys Company Stock

NEW YORK  – The e-commerce company Amazon.com agreed to buy Kiva Systems for 775 million dollars in cash, a deal that will bring more technology to its vast network of warehouses.
The acquisition, which has been approved by the shareholders of Kiva, was completed in the second quarter of 2012, Amazon said in a statement.

Kiva developing robots that circulate around the deposit taking and moving shelves and boxes full of products.

The technology helps retailers fulfill orders quickly online and with fewer workers. Companies such as Gap , Staples and Crate & Barrel have used this technology.

Amazon has traditionally used more employees in their tanks. However, Kiva robots have been used by other e-commerce companies acquired by Amazon in recent years as Quidsi and Zappos.

“It is on the way to improve efficiency,” said Scott Tilghman, an analyst at Caris & Company. “Given the scale of operations of Amazon, it makes sense to have this facility in the company,” he said.

The logistics centers are crucial for business online retailer Amazon. However, the company also offers logistics services to other retailers , making deposits even more important.

“Amazon has long used automation in logistics centers, and Kiva technology is another way to improve productivity by moving the products directly to employees for selected, packaged and stored,” said Dave Clark, vice president of overall customer service Amazon.com

The company has been in recent years to allocate more money in health care centers since the company opened a large amount of deposits to cope with rapid business growth.

Expenditure management centers as a percentage of their income increased by over 9% in 2011 from just over 8% in 2010, according to Aaron Kessler, an analyst at Raymond James.

“This has been recently a great focal point for investors,” said Kessler. “It’s a great cost. Are both dispatching and increasing volumes, so you need to determine how to get major advantages of these management centers,” he said.