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Predictions of Agents and Homeowners in Real Estate Market Of 2013

The Real Estate business has flourished to a huge extent in the past few years and its making a huge interest worldwide. The agents are phenomenal at taking historical data and translating it for the determination of current market condition. The prognosis, predictions related to the Real Estate Market of 2013.


According to the National Association of Home Builders, from January to February of this year, the housing starts rose to 2% though decreased from December 2012.The NAHB forecasted that 641,000 single families which is quite down from December, January and February numbers.

They even reported that the builder’s confidence is down with the depressing in narrow sections where there is a rise in cost for labor and building materials. Well the agents claim that 2014 will be blessed year of new housing construction, not 2013.

Regarding mortgaged inventory, the predictions is that it will fall in 2013 .The mortgaged inventories are threatened to a significant swing in housing market supply. 2013 will be a mixed bag.

The normal vacancy for homes is about 1.5% while it is down by 0.4 % from the 2012 fourth quarter .The normal amount of inventory is coming close not increasing rather falling. The prices are rising and are set to get hiked this year.

The home prices were expected to rise 3.3% annually through 2017. Though optimistically, Corelogic predicts home prices will hike to 6% this year.