Starbucks Loyalty Program Enters Supermarkets

If you are a frequenter at Starbucks, then you might be interested to know about the company’s latest offering. Starbucks’ loyalty program is getting a new turn as the company allows their members to earn points when purchasing bags of their coffee at supermarkets.

The company, based in Seattle, announced this new program during their annual meeting, and said that it will commence from this May onwards. According to Adam Brotman, Starbucks’ chief digital officer, this new program is important in gaining ‘‘good customer insight’’ that would be helpful to the company to build a better online advertising.starbucks

Starbucks had earlier said that it would be starting a plan whereby their customers could earn points through retail products, but at that time they hadn’t revealed when they would commence with the program. In order to earn points, members would have to sign in through their accounts, and then enter the code that is found on the Starbucks coffee bag.

Frappuccinos and Tazo tea bags are other products that the company sells at grocery stores but they haven’t specified whether other products will be eligible in this program. The company would expand their program to their other products that are being sold in supermarkets this fall.

From next month onwards, Starbucks customers will be able to earn points at the Teavana shops which the company had acquired recently. In 2009, the company had launched the My Starbucks Rewards program which offered people free drinks and food based on the number of points they earned.

Every purchase is eligible for one point at Starbucks cafes, and these do not depend on the amount spent for the products.

Members do not have to pay any fee for enrolling into the program. The previous royalty program cost $25 a year, and members were allowed 10 percent off on all purchases.

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