Political Corruption Debunked

For even more than a year it has been France’s rely on fall under the microscope of the international media over bribery and corruption accusations, as it had been Britain turn in the mid 1990s over sleaze in the Conservative Government. Current events in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Between them these countries are responsible for around 70 % of world exports and 61.6 % of the world combined GNP.

Corruption is rampant. Only 2 countries (Qatar in the 22nd and the United Arab Emirates in 28th) make it into Transparency International’s 40 least corrupt countries in the world out of 178 studied.

Getting back on track to the topic of political corruption.

However, there can be no doubt that mindsets to bribery and corruption are in the procedure of vibrant change, spurred on by organizations like the OECD, the Financial Action Task Force and Transparency International. The governments of Western Europe and North America have been at the leading edge of desiring international anti-corruption conventions. 19 of the 34 countries that signed the OECD 1997 Convention (which entered resulting in February 1999). All these have actually now ratified, other than Ireland and Luxembourg (check later on, this is most likely to change).

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The year has actually seen legislative changes in a number of the countries to deal with corruption. France may be beleaguered by the scale of current corruption accusations it is to its’ government credit that it carried out vanguard anti corruption legislation in June 2000. It is now illegal in France to pay off a foreign authorities.

The major local trends observed by the anti corruption motion over the last year are discussed at length below. These are political funding scandals, genuine proof of bribery of foreign officials, and the introduction of intelligence companies in fighting corruption, the crackdown on cash laundering and pressure for reform of Export Guarantee Insurance firms.

While corruption-related prosecutions and convictions in Canada and the USA are low, analysts in a variety of countries, e.g. Portugal and Italy, are extremely worried about the extent of corruption in their countries.

Under internal and international pressure for reform, the Turkish government is attempting reform to tackle its track record for native to the island corruption. One analyst observed: Corruption has long been woven into Turkish life. Now, with Turkey banking on signing up with the European Union and ending up being part of the international economy, the stakes are much higher. Some Turkish commentators say that, in addition to financial reforms, Turkey needs immediate reform of an undemocratic political party system and its bloated bureaucracy.

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