Obama Warns More Unemployment in EU


WASHINGTON – U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday called on Congress to approve the country’s Transport Act to prevent further unemployment.
The president also urged lawmakers to give the green light to a plan to prevent a rise in interest rates on student loans, which would affect students.

“There is no excuse for inaction. Now, missing only seven days for thousands of Americans have to do a work stoppage because Congress has not approved a draft law on the carriage,” said the Democrat in their Saturday’s message to the nation.

The president added that missing eight days for nearly seven and a half million students to experience a doubling of interest rates on their loans “because Congress has not taken steps to prevent it.”

He said that the unemployment rate among Americans with university or college is about half the national average.

He warned that if not approved this month the Transport Act will be an immediate impact on employment in the construction sector.

He said the bridges are deteriorating after years of neglect and the roads are crowded.

“Delays in transport cost the people and businesses in the country billions of dollars each year. And there are hundreds of thousands of construction workers who have never been more anxious to return to work.”

“We know this is an election year, but most important responsibilities we have elections, we respond to the American people and he is demanding action,” Obama said.


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