Netflix is ​​on the Nordic Market



Netflix bid to get more market outside the United States and announced it will service to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland before the end of 2012.

The firm, headed by transmission market movies and TV shows over the Internet in the United States, is still refining the details of this movement.

“We will announce more details about our promotions, including the cost of service, content and devices that Netflix will be seen anytime soon to launch,” said the director of communications for Netflix, Joris Evers, in a press release.

With this expansion, the European region becomes the fourth betting market for the firm, after entering a few months to several countries in Latin America, UK and Canada.

“We see great opportunity in Europe to offer our services and platforms that do not exist in several countries. We are very pleased with the success of our launch in the UK and with over 1 million subscribers in the first 6 months,” explained the technology CEO, Reed Hastings, at the launch of its latest financial results, in the last week of July.

Services like Amazon and LoveFilm TotalVideo be Netflix’s main competitors in the Nordic markets, these platforms offer a monthly package at a price close to $ 10, but its content is mostly European.

The most successful foreign market for the company, founded in 1997 by Hastings, has been the Canadian which are already present in 10% of all households.

Latin America remains the region with the greatest difficulties of growth, having just won a million subscribers, although it operates in more than seven countries.

“With a population 10 times greater than Canada, Latin America remains a great opportunity for us,” said Hastings.

In Mexico, Netflix competes with services like Crackle, iTunes, Zune and the recently launched Vudu Wal-Mart.


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