How to grow your small business

If you’re keen to get a small business venture off the ground, there are a number of ways you can go about it. Depending on your field of work, you could find that utilising mentor services, expanding your office space and networking are all options worth considering – keep reading to find out more.

Expand your business space

Whether you work in an office or make use of warehouses for your trade, if your business is taking up all the space you currently have, it might be a good idea to expand. Perhaps your office has taken on lots of new staff members and can’t grow without having the room for more workers, or maybe you don’t have enough space to invest in more stock – whatever your situation, give some serious thought to increasing the physical space you use.

If you can afford to, take a look at suitable office premises you could move to, or find out whether you can remove partition walls to increase your floor area. This will mean you can take on more staff or benefit from extra room for equipment.

Meanwhile, if you need space for stock, consider renting a warehouse so you’ll have room for storage like racking, which you can browse by¬†clicking here.

business mentor

Use the services of a business mentor

If you dedicate most of your time to your business, you might not have had the chance to give much thought to how you can grow your firm, so consider using the services of a business mentor who has plenty of experience in helping companies progress.

The Creative Business Mentor Network is a scheme that provides support for firms in creative industries, offering advice, workshops, coaching and one-to-one mentoring from a group of professionals who have achieved success in their areas. Mentors from established companies like BBC Worldwide, Working Title Films, Sega Europe and Freemantle Media UK are all listed on the network, which aims to hep emerging businesses improve their planning, communication and financial management.

Meanwhile, the government has also set up an initiative called The Business in You that offers mentoring services, advice and inspiration for small firms.

Start networking

Essentially building relationships, networking is important if you want to grow your business. There is a range of networking strategies you can employ to increase awareness of your business and meet people who can influence your future, from attending events where you’ll meet others in your field to arranging speaking engagements to help build your reputation.

When you meet people, it’s important to take an interest – networking is more than pushing your product or service, it can help expand your awareness and knowledge of all the factors influencing your industry, including how your business can help solve problems or fill a gap in the market. Once you meet people you find especially interesting, it’s a good idea to follow up your meeting by dropping them an email or arranging to get together, rather than simply exchanging business cards.

You can also get networking online – if you haven’t already set up a LinkedIn profile or joined Twitter, it’s well worth doing so, while Facebook is another useful tool for self-promotion. Social networks allow you to connect with influencers in your field, check out the competition, capitalise on selling and marketing opportunities and engage with your audience.

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