How does Virtualisation Keep the FTSE Secure?

Did you know that over 90% of the FTSE100 uses virtualisation to keep their online data and transaction processing safe? In this article we discuss how virtualisation’s security measures play a pivotal role in keeping the interests of the global finance industry secure.

virtualisationA Matter of Personal Privacy

Virtualisation is transforming the financial industry at a time when tightening of security and data compliance are hot topics. Instead of relying on internal IT departments to elevate technology and cut costs, many blue-chip companies are utilising hosted IT environments to better service a global customer base and support staff.

In a global marketplace, the challenge for business – especially those in the FTSE100 – is to maximise server consolidation around data compliance and specifically payment card industry (PCI) regulations surrounding personal privacy. To do so, companies are increasingly looking to integrate 3rd party virtualisation hosting to securely run IT operations.

Security has become the critical requirement for application integrity and task management in today’s IT infrastructure. In large part because mobile technology and cloud computing is evolving so rapidly that we are faced with many challenges to website architecture, database management, point of sale (POS) mobility and payment transaction processing. In 2013, enhanced customer experience is everything, but it must be secure.

Virtualisation meets the demands of optimised network segmentation, systems security and intrusion prevention that eases the transition of services and transaction of payments via self-defending, virtual machines that self-regulate and load balance on demand.

Keeping it Simple
The tightening of data compliance makes virtualisation the perfect low cost solution for your IT needs. It significantly reduces performance bottlenecks, securely meets transaction standards and simplifies management of services.

Businesses need incredible flexibility from their IT to cater for growing customer demands, performance optimisation and maintain availability of service. Virtualisation provides all of the above with simplicity at scale.

As businesses expand operations they must meet growing technology demands, coupled with increased pressures to meet PCI compliance, all while trying to support cost-effective server consolidation. They must do so whilst maintaining the identity of their business from a technical and tactical perspective. Here, virtualisation integrates perfectly, preserving performance through hosted maintenance of server structures while meeting the needs of customers and information laws.

Companies must meet the strictest security regulations in a cloud-led era of technology enablement. To combat emerging security threats and manage huge volumes for data it is increasingly cost prohibitive to host and manage IT infrastructure in-house. Organisations of all shapes and sizes should be looking to take advantage of virtualisation to protect service integrity, customer privacy and staff retention.

Maintaining Compliance
Major corporations such as those in the FTSE100 are integrating virtualisation technology to increase scalability of services and better meet the challenges of compliance. Outsourcing IT operations creates flexibility and confidence in an IT stack that is the nucleus for corporate innovation. Hosted virtualisation makes this possible through resilience of service, intrusion defence, file management and PCI compliance that is yielding significant benefits for many of the world’s leading companies.

From financial transaction processing to preservation of privacy, degradation of services through downtime and security breaches can be extremely damaging. Today’s business leaders are increasingly looking to invest in lightweight IT with no physical footprint and virtual hosting  that maximises ROI, by utilising flexible architecture. In doing so businesses must implement strict controls or face huge financial penalties. They must manage data centre performance and network capacity with simplicity, security and scalability.

Today, virtualisation offers the best solution for delivery of high quality client-care, improved staff experience and regulatory compliance when personal data integrity is of paramount importance. Ensuring mission critical operations run smoothly and securely with a virtualisation platform not only drives down costs but significantly increases operational efficiency.

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