How do I know if I get utilities?

MEXICO CITY – After ending the payment of taxes by businesses and individuals, workers must receive a variable amount as profits. These are a constitutional right of workers to participate in the profits obtained by the companies in which they work, and noted by the Tax Administration Service.

All employees who have worked more than 60 days of the fiscal year are subject to payment of utilities other than directors, administrators, managers, partners or shareholders.

It considers that the professionals, technicians, domestic workers or other employees hired for a fee without a subordinate employment relationship are not subject to receive profits.

The payment obligation is generated from 1 April to 30 May in the case of legal entities (companies), and from 1 May to 29 June in the case of individuals, if you work for a small or medium businesses that operate with this tax figure.

Employers are required to pay in a period not exceeding 60 days from the date the return was filed with the Secretary of the Treasury and Public Credit. For the recovery of profits has a term of one year from the day after the incurring of obligation.

The amounts depend on the financial performance of companies, half of the profit is calculated according to the days worked and the other half according to the salary received. Temporary disability employment injury, pre and postnatal periods, weekly rest, vacation, holidays and leave with pay are considered as days worked.

What patterns are NOT required to turn a profit?

1. The start-ups during the first year of operation, if also engaged in developing a new product, are exempted for the first two years of operation.

In this regard note that the merging of companies, transfer or changed of your name or business name, are not considered start-ups.

2. The extractive industry companies newly created during the scan.

3. The private welfare institutions recognized by the laws that have no profit.

3. The IMSS and decentralized public institutions for cultural, welfare or charity.

4. Companies whose annual income declared to tax on income does not exceed 300,000 pesos.

Who would go if I did not receive profits?

The Office for the Protection of Labor can give you advice, conciliation and, where appropriate, representation before the Board of Conciliation and Arbitration. Likewise, it can perform an inspection. These entities have federal and local offices, so check before you go if it is the seat where you belong.


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