Household Income?

Home Bill 1735, which would have enforced a Texas state income tax on households earning even more $100,000 each year, failed to get any action.

Lon Burnam (D) represents Texas House District 90, which is the downtown Fort Worth area. According to the Fox News interview, the state income tax would help pay for the $18 billion budget shortfall in Texas, reviving ‘vital services like transportation and education.’ He says the bill is, in impact, ‘a tax decrease bill for almost everybody’ and would allow ‘unjust property taxes’ to be decreased.

You cannot end and include a tax up with lower taxes than you had before, that statement is not logical. That is his argument. Apparently, he feels that by only taxing households with a greater income and reducing everyone’s property taxes, we would somehow be better off. Notice in the meeting, we aren’t informed how exactly we would be better off.

Household Income, Seriously?

Possibly some homeowners making less than $150,000 yearly would pay slightly lower property taxes, but homeowners making more than $150,000 annually would be paying more in taxes. And what about people that aren’t homeowners, where is their break? Non-homeowners with a yearly income greater than $150,000 would get struck twice, first by paying the tax, and second by not getting a break on property taxes.

How long would the state income tax just impact people with an income greater than $150,000 yearly? Most likely not long, however, no one can state for sure. The California state income tax kicks in at 2.25 % for those making less than $7,168. That’s everyone, people! Or at least it is everybody who in fact has reported their income.

Wait, who doesn’t report their income? The truth is a lot of people don’t. If you get paid in money to avoid income taxes, it’s easy. People who mow lawns, clean houses, some day laborers, and prohibited aliens who do not have social security numbers will certainly just wind up preventing the tax totally. Well, exists a way to tax everyone? Is it even possible to increase tax on Texans to help cover the 18 billion dollar shortfall we are facing? Yes, there is a possibility.

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The method to reasonable tax everyone in the state of Texas, even those who get paid in cash and stay clear of reporting their income is simple. It’s called Sales Tax. Incidentally, Sales Tax is the greatest form of revenue for the state of Texas. Increasing the sales tax, while it would be an increase, is absolutely a fairer option.

Why? A Sales Tax encompasses everybody, consisting of those who do not report their income. After all, they need to spend cash too. Sales Tax would likewise be a flat rate. Everyone would pay the precise same percentage, with no discrimination. Possibly Representative Burnam would have a better chance at closing our budget deficit if he suggested something like this, instead of attempting to slip in a state income tax that only impacts certain households.

It really is a tricky idea attempting to get a state income tax bill passed and just attacking households with an income greater than $150,000. Why is that sneaky? Well, if it does not influence you, then you could not pay any attention. Right here is wishing that all Texans do pay attention and stop this state income tax from taking place. While it is true that Texas has a budget shortfall, it is up to Texans to see that the issue is fixed relatively. So even if today this bill does not impact you, it will certainly have an effect on you at some time, so consider your choices and decide for your state.

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