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5 awesome benefits offered by Hosted PBX for savvy business firms

Businesses in the current competitive market are finding every way possible to cut costs and to ensure greater efficiency on the back of systems and infrastructure that is relatively trouble-free and largely reliable.

Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX providers are offering companies these quality services that enable them to concentrate on their own processes without having to worry about supporting infrastructure.

This along with many more benefits makes Virtual PBX a vital tool in creating cash-savvy and performance-centric corporate houses that expect only the very best.

  • The first and most important advantage that Virtual PBX brings is the low cost of ownership. Since companies need not invest in a supporting infrastructure and hardware, there are simply no installation or purchase costs. Maintenance costs are also kept to an absolute bare minimum as often a top quality Virtual PBX service provider takes care of it.
  • Most current businesses rely very heavily on staying in touch with clients via the telephone and with voice calls being transferred over the IP; one can expect a great reduction in costs thanks to Virtual PBX services.
  • Many find Virtual PBX especially useful when it comes to the great number of additional features that it provides for voice call users. Not only are calls way cheaper as discussed above, but a quality provider offers add-ons like ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), integrated auto attendant, virtual receptionist, call queue management, voice mail transcription and priority call services among many more.
  • Hosted PBX services offer you peace of mind by providing the necessary security features that are up-to-date and highly effective. Since the provider is dedicated to offering the specific services, their encryption methods and firewalls are far more current, often updated and bring greater data security.

Virtual PBX has an in-built feature of flexibility and hence you can change from a small company to a larger firm that requires more phone lines without changing the basic system at anytime. You can even downsize at any point and all this is done with almost no change to the existing lines.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Quality PDF Editor

If you already work in an office environment that uses PDF files on a regular basis, then you will be already familiar with the convenience and benefits they bring. For those unaware though, the real advantage of PDF files in very simple terms is ‘true mobility’.

They can be carried anywhere and you can read all kinds of data that is contained in them with ease and flexibility. But what offers greater comfort and maneuverability to your business is a PDF editor that can make your like simple, easy and completely hassle-free. Here are 5 reasons why every business needs a quality PDF Editor.

 1) PDF files preserve all the visual elements that have been created in every other document. Hence you can get images, graphs, text and a lot more all in the same place and without any loss of content. A superior PDF Editor allows you to change and alter all these things with ease and simplicity.

2) In the absence of an editor, you might well have to redo an entire PDF file from the very beginning if you have made more than a few errors here and there. The presence of editing software allows you to quickly and most importantly, seamlessly correct these mistakes.

3) The PDF Editor keeps your entire document tidy and allows for the columns and texts to flow automatically and with no discernible difference even after modifications.

4) If your files are filled with graphics and images, then a PDF format can significantly reduce the size of the file by compression and this makes it a lot easier to use and pass around as well at the workplace.

5) You can search and replace old data, reuse same PDF templates without having to create entire new ones and alter old data accordingly to create new reports that stay relevant. This not only saves loads of time and effort, but allows you to stick to a set pattern for all your files.

Remember that a good PDF Editor can make life really easy and save up on employee time and hence increase output as well. But the key to it all lies in picking a ‘quality’ PDF Editor.

Megacable Negotiates Pact with Time Warner


The Mexican Cable Company, Megacable, is discussing a strategic alliance with the U.S. Time Warner in telephony, told to Reuters on Thursday by the company CEO, Enrique Yamuni.

Megacable operates cable television services, Internet and telephony services in Mexico. The company had more than 500,000 phone subscribers at the end of June, according to its financial report for the second quarter.

“We talked with Time Warner, but only to see some sort of strategic alliance with them, which subscribers can receive calls them ourselves without it being long distance,” said Yamuni Reuters.

Last April, Megacable was rated along with America Movil, Carlos Slim, as the best bets in the telecommunications sector in Mexico for investors, since no affectations expected regulatory changes and yes better operating results and stock, according to Company Shares and Securities Brokerage Banamex (Accival).

For Megacable, the action has not reflected the potential for additional sales of company services and the strength of its cable network, said Alexandre Garcia, specialist intermediary market.

In Mexico, the operator considers culminating phase in which “all have phone” and is approaching the next step in which “all use the phone.” So with a penetration of smartphones still slightly above 20%, the growth potential is enormous.

Alexandre Garcia commented on Megacable that its CEO, Enrique Yamuni, reaffirmed the 2012 target of 11% growth in sales and 13% of Ebitda.



Apple Complains About Polish Page


WARSAW – Apple, with a recent victory by a patent case against rival Samsung , is eyeing to Page Polish Internet.

The Polish Patent Office said the maker of the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod has filed a lawsuit accusing copy one page of their icons to your logo and exploited to gain customers.

“The Apple brand is widely recognized and the company says it, using a name that sounds similar, and is using Apple’s reputation,” said spokesman Adam Taukert patent office. Chief Executive, Radoslaw Celinski, said that “the accusation is ridiculous.” The firm, which currently does not use the logo in question, checks Apple demand.

No date has been set for the hearing.

Lawyers for Baker & McKenzie, which represents Apple in Poland, was not available for comment.




5 trends driving the software testing market in 2012

The industry of application testing and quality assurance is reaching new heights with each passing day. Part of the reason is the simple fact the more and more businesses are finding their way online and because more and more users are getting hooked on to laptops and handheld devices.

This billion dollar industry is set to reach unprecedented heights in the next few years and by 2015 testing alone will be a $20 billion baby, which is why having a  quality center for testing projects sounds like a very smart solution, one that is also, a lot more accessible. So let’s take a look at the top 5 trends that are driving the software testing market this year.

1) Mobility Application Testing:

Without a doubt, this is the fastest growing trend in the software testing business and it will significantly grow in market share in the coming years. A projected 8 billon smartphones and tablets will be in use by 2016 and apps in millions and their testing platforms will thrive as well.

2) Cross cloud testing:

The idea of cross cloud testing will be to standardize the data formats and communication patterns among the clouds. This will help in security of data over cloud systems and also better transmission of data without any hindrances.

3) Testing-as-a-Service:

Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) as a service is growing at a rapid rate and for good reason too. Remember that firms are trying to save up as much cash as possible, especially in current tough times and TaaS provides them an opportunity to test their projects over a third party test environment. In essence, this helps the companies gain swift and accurate results while doing away with infrastructural costs.

4)  Business Intelligence Testing:

With a growing interest in business intelligence tools and raise in demand, you need a tool that can not only process all the data and analyze it in the shortest possible time, but needs to present clients with viable and meaningful solutions and real time results without lags and delays. This call for the fabrication of a business intelligence tool that is not just fast, but also smart and a testing process that shapes it in that fashion.

5) Crowd sourced Testing:

Since more and more software is becoming user-centric (mobile apps or web apps), they are being tested not by the hired professional but by a community of registered testers. Crowd source testing companies provide the platform for the testing cycles and using a cloud platform this method provides for cheaper, faster and far more bug-free solutions.

How social media advertising plays an important role in online business growth

Online business can be pretty arduous at times and turning it into a profitable venture actually takes some work. It is not as if you can just put together a website and it will start generating meaningful revenue from the very next day.

It takes both planned effort and smart use of all the available tools to obtain the results one wants. And the trend that is most prevalent in the past couple of years is the use of social media in the growth of businesses online.

It is not just a popular trend, but also a very sensible and apt development. When we are calling this the “age of social media” and events like the London 2012 Olympics are being called the ‘Social Olympics”, then why not embrace it for online business as well?

The fact is that most people out there already are aware of the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter in promotion of online products and services. But it is the way that you use them in, which drives both traffic and helps up the reputation of your firm. There are ample advantages of making your presence felt on the social platform. For starters, it offers your business credibility and having a Facebook or twitter account is off late considered as must for legitimate online businesses.

Apart from the legitimacy, there is the added advantage of keeping in constant touch with consumers, talking to new potential ones and ensuring that whatever you sell online is seen and heard on a global scale. Post quality news and if possible post an update, release or any other business news on a daily basis so that you always stay relevant. Also be honest on the social platform as it is not one of the areas where you can get away with false statements. People respect honest business firms that will tell them the uncomfortable truth.

And do not for one moment believe that attaining success through social media is easy and simple. It takes dedicated and expert work and hence it is best to have a separate expert who will maintain this aspect of your online business.

Apple’s Action on Wall Street Shines


Shares of Apple closed Monday up to 1.88%, to 675.68 units on the Nasdaq market, according to data from and after hitting an intraday record high of 676.73 dollars.

On Friday, a U.S. jury determined that the South Korean firm copied Samung key features of the iPhone and the iPad and ordered to pay compensation of 1,050 million dollars to the signature block.

Just on August 20, Apple became the most valuable company in the U.S., when its shares reached 665.15 U.S. dollars value to reach a market value of $ 618.900.

The verdict could lead to a total ban on sales of key products of Samsung and Apple likely to consolidate in the mobile communications market.

Samsung said the decision is “a loss for American consumers” because they stifle competition and raise prices.

Apple said it plans to seek a ban on sales of some Samsung devices within the next seven days.


Foxconn Worst Recorded Historical Loss


HONG KONG  – Foxconn International Holdings (FIH), the mobile assembly company largest in the world, published the worst net loss in its history for the first half of the year due to weak orders from key customers such as Nokia Oyj , hit by the economic slowdown.

FIH, whose partner Foxconn Technology Group helps assemble iPhones and iPads for Apple, reported a net loss of $226.07 million for the January-June period, far outweighs the loss of 17.65 billion a year earlier, the company said in a statement.

It was the largest loss of FIH for the first half of the year since it was floated on the stock exchange in 2005.

In addition, FIH warned that uncertainty in global demand for mobile phones was complicating its forecast for the rest of the year and said the administration would focus on reducing costs in the sector, beset by a demanding competition for market share.

“Looking forward, the challenging economic conditions around the world can continue sowing uncertainty in our business environment. Administration remains cautious about the future of the mobile market conditions in 2012,” said FIH.

“Our main focus on will be doing our best to control costs. We have a number of measures in place and one of them is to increase automation in certain parts of our production line,” said company spokesman Vincent Tong.

The firm, which does not publish quarterly results, posted a net loss for the first half for the fourth consecutive year.

Shares of Foxconn International, which has suffered a decline of over 40% this year, closed up 2.9% on Monday, prior to delivery to the results.


Dell Sales Disappoint the Market


SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Dell warned a “challenging” second half of the year for computer sales and reported quarterly revenue below Wall Street forecasts, prompting its shares to fall nearly 5%.

The second largest computer maker reported revenues of U.S. in its second fiscal quarter of 14.500 million, down from 14.640 billion expected by analysts, according to Reuters.

Shares of the company fell to 11.78 dollars after the close of trading in New York, after closing at 12.34 cents per share, down from 1.75% on Nasdaq.

Faced with declining sales of personal computers, Dell has diversified its revenue base by abandoning consumer sales with few benefits and switching to higher-margin sectors such as technology needs of small and medium enterprises in the public sector and the healthcare industry.




Wall Street Punishes Facebook



NEW YORK – Facebook Inc. shares closed on Friday with a drop of 4.1%, to 19.05 dollars, but in intraday, trading fell 4%, to 19.04 dollars, far from the $38 with which debuted in Stock Exchange in May.

Shares fell sharply in Thursday’s session after completing a period of prohibition of sales for some people with interests in the company.

Over 270 million shares were unlocked on Thursday, representing more than half of the 421 million shares that were sold in the initial public offering of the social networking firm.

Shares of Facebook, the world’s largest social network with over 955 million users, sank on fears dragged a brake on growth in their income and their actual ability to generate profits from ads on mobile platforms.



Netflix is ​​on the Nordic Market



Netflix bid to get more market outside the United States and announced it will service to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland before the end of 2012.

The firm, headed by transmission market movies and TV shows over the Internet in the United States, is still refining the details of this movement.

“We will announce more details about our promotions, including the cost of service, content and devices that Netflix will be seen anytime soon to launch,” said the director of communications for Netflix, Joris Evers, in a press release.

With this expansion, the European region becomes the fourth betting market for the firm, after entering a few months to several countries in Latin America, UK and Canada.

“We see great opportunity in Europe to offer our services and platforms that do not exist in several countries. We are very pleased with the success of our launch in the UK and with over 1 million subscribers in the first 6 months,” explained the technology CEO, Reed Hastings, at the launch of its latest financial results, in the last week of July.

Services like Amazon and LoveFilm TotalVideo be Netflix’s main competitors in the Nordic markets, these platforms offer a monthly package at a price close to $ 10, but its content is mostly European.

The most successful foreign market for the company, founded in 1997 by Hastings, has been the Canadian which are already present in 10% of all households.

Latin America remains the region with the greatest difficulties of growth, having just won a million subscribers, although it operates in more than seven countries.

“With a population 10 times greater than Canada, Latin America remains a great opportunity for us,” said Hastings.

In Mexico, Netflix competes with services like Crackle, iTunes, Zune and the recently launched Vudu Wal-Mart.