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This is the first review I’ve ever written for a game on my decades on this planet. I’ve read through probably hundreds of reviews before deciding to spend my hard earned cash on this game, mainly because I was so disappointed with the previous GTA IV. I have never seen so much high praise for a game, ever. I have also never seen so much hopeless and useless bashing of a game (more on that in a moment). All of the things I felt needed fixing in GTA IV, they fixed, especially the driving mechanics. The first few hours I spent playing GTA V, were some of the most fun I’ve EVER had playing a game. Fantastic player control, humorous, well executed and convincing commentary, incredible ambient sound and amazing music. The graphics are incredibly polished and like others have said, quite an accomplishment for the 360. Many people are bashing this game for seemingly pointless reasons. Some, because they want attention, some because of jealousy and some because they are just hopelessly ignorant. I say look at user score distribution. Even the people trying their best to pull the rating down for ratings sake are still failing as of this review. Finally, I will confirm as I have read again and again in the last few days that this IS one of the best games ever made and quite possibly the best game that I’ve played in my life. That is spanning 22 years of gaming, 12+ systems and hundreds of games. The Cake is done. Enjoy!

Let your brand go viral with social media marketing



Ever since the social media has invaded this world it has become very easy to connect to the world around the clock. It has become a good news for the different brand and business holders to now promote their brands on social webs as this way they can easily advertise their product with less cost and where it is easy to get hands with the costumer.

One of the major benefits of advertising on a social networking site is that advertisers can take advantage of the users demographic information and target their ads appropriately. Social networks like facebook and twitter are daily destinations for millions of consumers. Increasingly, their ad products offer targeting according to specific demographics, social connections, interests, and habits.
In beginning advertising on social media looked a lot like search, it was managed like search and early adopters used search like tools to deliver campaigns. Then as audiences grew, targeting features developed and the ability to draw rich insights from targeted buys became easier as brands and agencies started to look at ways in which wider scale audience buys could be migrated across to run on social networks

The main advantage of searched based advertising is that it is always easy to find people on social networking websites, thus this way you have a better chance to show your brand to the world at one time, in one instant. Another factor that enhance its use is the low cost of advertising. You don’t need any models or you don’t need to run time based commercials specifically; all you need is an innovative idea that attracts the people and make them open up your add and check out the details.

Online advertising

Online or internet advertising, uses internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to customers. it includes social media, email marketing, e-commerce, mobile advertising, search engine marketing, banner advertising and much more. Online advertising mostly involves both a publisher and advertiser. Online advertising is a vast business and is growing rapidly.

Despite its popularity, many common online advertising practices are controversial, moreover online advertising replace other publisher’s revenue streams.


Online advertising conveys its advertising message via:

1) web banner.

2) frame ad.

3) floating ad

4) expanding ad.

5) trick banners.

6) interstitial ads

7) text ads.

Online advertising has added new horizons to this era of technique and development. There are many benefits of online advertising such as:

1) cost

2) measurability.

3) formatting.

4) targeting.

5) speed.

6) coverage.

Eye-tracking studies have shown that internet users often ignore web page likely to contain display ads. On the contrary, studies suggest that those advertisements ignored by the users may have an effect on the user subconsciously!

Having said that, there is a risk of fraud in online marketing, which can occur when publishers overstate the number of ad impressions they have delivered to their advertisers. Because different users have different systems, online ads may appear differently to users. Rich media ads create greater compatibility issues, as some developers use competing software to render their ads.

Ad advertisers often use technology to maximize their abilities to track consumers. Customers can be easily troubled by advertisers targeting them based on information that is sensitive such as health and financial status.

Ad-blocking is another term, that means that the ads do not become visible to the user because the user uses technology to screen out ads by default.1oa




Apple Struggles to Break Ties with Samsung






California – They say that breaking up is hard to do. This really seems to be the case in the matter of Apple and Samsung.

Samsung is Apple’s biggest rival when it comes to smartphones and PC tablets. Coincidentally, the former is also Apple’s main supplier for the chips used in iPhones and iPads, at least until 2014. Imagine the predicament that Apple seems to find itself in. After all, how can you break ties with the company that supplies almost all of the major components of your devices even the better part of the decade involved patent lawsuits left and right?

Never the less, Apple seems to have already found a way to get out of Samsung’s path for good. After much technical delays, the company has finally sealed the deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. earlier this week. This deal has long been rumored but the reason why it has taken forever to push through is because the previous TSMC chips were unable to meet the performance standards set by Apple. However, TSMC has finally figured out how it can meet Apple standards and that is by utilizing the advanced “20-nanometer” technology in manufacturing the chips it will be supplying.

The breaking of ties could seriously hurt Samsung’s revenues. After all, orders from Apple amount to more than 10% of the company’s revenues. It has been noted that Apple has been trying to break ties with Samsung since 2008.

Both Samsung and Apple declined to comment on this news.



Android and iOS Gaming Consoles in the Works


It is undeniable that one of the biggest selling points of Android and iOS devices is their gaming capability. This is also why a lot of consumers have a hard time picking which type of device to purchase. Imagine being able to play games like Temple Run and Angry Birds on your TV. While the Playstation 4 and Xbox One can definitely cater to the needs of hardcore gamers, most of those who purchase Android and iOS devices are only looking to while the time away playing casual games. What if there was a gaming console that can play Android and iOS games?

That is a question that may be given an answer to in the very near future. Today’s tech giants, Google and Apple, are currently racing to come up with a gaming console dedicated to Android and iOS games. Sources at Google say that the company is making this move in response to news that Apple has already started on the first stages of their development plan.

Earlier this week however, start-up company Ouya Inc. and renowned graphics card manufacturer NVidia launched the first ever Android based gaming console and controller. Priced at $99 per unit, this console is surely going to be a hit. Coincidentally, Google has been closely monitoring the sales of the Ouya console.

If the rumored plans of Google and Apple pushes through, what could this mean for Ouya? Many say that it will definitely kill the Ouya console in the market because the two giants will most likely come up with a better, albeit more expensive version. Ouya’s capability to run ROM emulated games could be its only edge.


Amazon.Com to Employ 500 For Tech-Related Jobs In Fairfax County

The Gov. of Virginia, Robert F. McDonnell (R) has made an announcement that is planning a recruitment of 500 employees to its Fairfax County Web Service Businesses. The Dulles Corridor was cemented as a major information technology centre and big data storage. This highlighted the retail giant’s growing role as computer storage provider through the division of Amazon Web Services that was established by the company in the year 2006.


Mr. McDonnell also said in a press release that to support engineering and services for commercial as well as Government customers of AWS cloud services, Amazon will create a Herndon area office. An amount of $100,000 per year is expected to be paid by the jobs as an average. No further information was received from a spokesperson of Amazon.

The Western Fairfax and parts of Loudoun County houses an important telecommunication network which has been named as MAE-east and it is the main Internet hub on the East Coast and connects to a growing network of data centers and other infrastructures of technology. The vice chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Raul Fernandez has commented that Virginia has delivered and one more time has stood aside from other jurisdictions.

He also added by saying that the other jobs which will be created out of these Amazon jobs shall result in the addition of the diversification of employer base in that region. On the other hand, $ 500, 000 has been approved by McDonnell as state grant for assisting the Amazon’s recruitment and training.

5 Ideas for Personalised Business Gifts

A personalised business gift is great for many occasions. You can celebrate a new business deal or partnership, or you could give an employee a beautiful gift that they’ll love.

Personalising the gifts provides a touch of elegance and customisation. You could have your company’s name engraved on the product to market your business and bring in more customers. Furthermore, business gifts show clients and business partners alike that you appreciate them.

personalized business giftsIn this post, present 5 brilliant ways to market your business and imprint your brand in customers’ memory.

Personalised Wine Bottles

An elegant and beautiful personalised business gift that’s great for celebrating a new partnership or successful business venture is personalised wine bottles in a wooden box. Wine is a great way to bring representatives from different businesses together in celebration. It is a sophisticated gift; you can personalise the wine bottles with your business name, and you can have a special message written on the box.

Personalised Desk Organiser

A great gift to give to an employee is a high-quality desk organiser made from beautiful wood. Desk organisers are very useful to help employees keep their pens and other items together easily, and it makes their workspace more attractive. You can have the employee’s name engraved onto the organiser. Having it personalised shows an employee how appreciated they are.

Personalised Leather Journal

Leather journals are elegant and a great way to show your appreciation to employees. Leather is a beautiful material, and the journal has many uses. Employees can write their personal thoughts, or they can write important notes or lists detailing what they need to do for the day. These leather journals can be personalised by embossing the name of the employee in a beautiful font on the front of the journal. It gives the journal a personal touch and is useful in case the employee loses the journal.

Personalised Pen

Another great business gift is a high-quality pen. The pen can be in any style you like including a ball-point pen or a fountain pen. A pen that has your company’s name engraved on it can be given to new clients or customers. By giving out this type of personalised business gift, you can market your company. Having your name engraved on the pen will allow your company to get the exposure it needs while showing clients that you appreciate them; a nice, personalised pen can really show how much you care about your customers.

Personalised Flash Drives

Nowadays, computers are a necessity for businesses. USB flash drives are convenient and safe ways to backup information in case your computer has a problem. This is why personalised USB flash drives with your company’s name on them are great to give out to clients or even business partners. It’s a good way to show you care about their business and the safety of its information.

With so many great business gifts from which to choose, you can easily please clients, associates, and partners. Personalisation is also a great way to add an extra touch of class while getting the word out about your business.

How does Virtualisation Keep the FTSE Secure?

Did you know that over 90% of the FTSE100 uses virtualisation to keep their online data and transaction processing safe? In this article we discuss how virtualisation’s security measures play a pivotal role in keeping the interests of the global finance industry secure.

virtualisationA Matter of Personal Privacy

Virtualisation is transforming the financial industry at a time when tightening of security and data compliance are hot topics. Instead of relying on internal IT departments to elevate technology and cut costs, many blue-chip companies are utilising hosted IT environments to better service a global customer base and support staff.

In a global marketplace, the challenge for business – especially those in the FTSE100 – is to maximise server consolidation around data compliance and specifically payment card industry (PCI) regulations surrounding personal privacy. To do so, companies are increasingly looking to integrate 3rd party virtualisation hosting to securely run IT operations.

Security has become the critical requirement for application integrity and task management in today’s IT infrastructure. In large part because mobile technology and cloud computing is evolving so rapidly that we are faced with many challenges to website architecture, database management, point of sale (POS) mobility and payment transaction processing. In 2013, enhanced customer experience is everything, but it must be secure.

Virtualisation meets the demands of optimised network segmentation, systems security and intrusion prevention that eases the transition of services and transaction of payments via self-defending, virtual machines that self-regulate and load balance on demand.

Keeping it Simple
The tightening of data compliance makes virtualisation the perfect low cost solution for your IT needs. It significantly reduces performance bottlenecks, securely meets transaction standards and simplifies management of services.

Businesses need incredible flexibility from their IT to cater for growing customer demands, performance optimisation and maintain availability of service. Virtualisation provides all of the above with simplicity at scale.

As businesses expand operations they must meet growing technology demands, coupled with increased pressures to meet PCI compliance, all while trying to support cost-effective server consolidation. They must do so whilst maintaining the identity of their business from a technical and tactical perspective. Here, virtualisation integrates perfectly, preserving performance through hosted maintenance of server structures while meeting the needs of customers and information laws.

Companies must meet the strictest security regulations in a cloud-led era of technology enablement. To combat emerging security threats and manage huge volumes for data it is increasingly cost prohibitive to host and manage IT infrastructure in-house. Organisations of all shapes and sizes should be looking to take advantage of virtualisation to protect service integrity, customer privacy and staff retention.

Maintaining Compliance
Major corporations such as those in the FTSE100 are integrating virtualisation technology to increase scalability of services and better meet the challenges of compliance. Outsourcing IT operations creates flexibility and confidence in an IT stack that is the nucleus for corporate innovation. Hosted virtualisation makes this possible through resilience of service, intrusion defence, file management and PCI compliance that is yielding significant benefits for many of the world’s leading companies.

From financial transaction processing to preservation of privacy, degradation of services through downtime and security breaches can be extremely damaging. Today’s business leaders are increasingly looking to invest in lightweight IT with no physical footprint and virtual hosting  that maximises ROI, by utilising flexible architecture. In doing so businesses must implement strict controls or face huge financial penalties. They must manage data centre performance and network capacity with simplicity, security and scalability.

Today, virtualisation offers the best solution for delivery of high quality client-care, improved staff experience and regulatory compliance when personal data integrity is of paramount importance. Ensuring mission critical operations run smoothly and securely with a virtualisation platform not only drives down costs but significantly increases operational efficiency.

Mobile Marketing and Its Impact On The Business World

With the rapid change and advancement in technology it becomes very important for the entrepreneurs to upgrade their businesses keeping in view of the changing technology. Mobile marketing is something that has established itself as a niche in today’s world. Its practical utility fetches good and beneficiary results.


What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a kind of marketing communication in which mobile phones are used as a medium for communication and promoting business. People in today’s world believe what we see. Advertising and promotion therefore are two extremely important aspects of mobile marketing.

How The Business World Is Affected?

Mobile marketing is believed to be the next big thing in the business world. Especially in United States, mobile marketing has almost revolutionized the entire process that is followed to do business. The independent entrepreneurs and the mobile marketing companies are more than happy seeing positive results and outcome.

Statistics have shown and proved that those companies and business organizations which adopted mobile marketing has observed huge profits and has successfully managed to increase their business.

Mobile Apps, Why Are They Useful?

Most of us own smart phones now and therefore the nature of mobile marketing has changed to a great extent. The smart phone users prefer saving their times and therefore opt for services that can exactly understand what they need or require.

Mobile apps are designed for this purpose. With the help of mobile Apps, one can receive all the necessary information in no time. Mobile marketing has therefore proved to be quite effective and is flourishing day by day.



Facebook Like Button Would Press Out More Information Than You Desire

Are you a ‘Liker’? I mean the particular brand of people who frequent Facebook and go about liking posts, images, pages etc., sometimes just for the fun of it. Well, sometimes, a click on the Like button might get you into something unexpected. Researchers at the University of Cambridge studied the content that people on the popular social networking site routinely advertise and have come up with some observations, which are in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


More than 58,000 volunteers, who regularly use Facebook, took a psychological and intelligence test and was asked to share all their profile information and likes. Then, using some complex algorithms, they checked how the subjects’ likes correlated with their information got from their profiles, images, tests etc.

A similar application that would do the same process for Facebook likes was developed.The researchers found that many personal traits correlated, and that was not just things like your profile photos or ethnicity or other things that are obvious.

For example, when sexual orientation was taken into account, only 5% of the participants brought out by the algorithm were connected with those factors that are related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, such as “No H8 campaign,” which promotes “marriage, gender and human equality.” So, if a person liked “No H8 campaign”, it was pretty easy to predict.

Other endorsements such as liking American Idol star Adam Lambert, Mac Cosmetics, “Wicked, the Musical”; and Kurt Hummel and Sue Sylvester, may also correlate to being gay. For the female gender, liking “The L word” correlated to homosexuality, as did liking “Tegan and Sara.”

Similarly, if you like beer pong, Chris Tucker, “I Feel Better Tan” and cheerleading, you might be an extrovert, while liking RPGs, Anime, manga, video games and Voltaire might mean you are a shy person.

“All these likes are building up over time. Once you have hundreds of these, you can start making predictions,” Stillwell said. “If an employer saw it, what would they know about you?”

But all this is human behavior, and when it comes to human behavior, there are no precise points to take away. There have been many studies over the years that show how much you can tell about a person from their publicly shared information.

So the next time you hit the like button, think about what it would imply to others.

Is virtualisation a cost-effective choice for my company?

With a recent IDC poll of chief information officers (CIOs) revealing that virtualisation is their top priority for 2012, many businesses that might not have previously considered the technology are now doing so.

This is especially the case for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which, through virtualisation, can enjoy an array of benefits that until now only their larger counterparts could take advantage of.

Rather than being tied to one server per single application, SMEs can now enjoy having several virtual machines based on the same physical server. Servers have been getting increasingly powerful with larger amounts of capacity, but when just one application is run on them, this means a lot of computing power simply goes to waste.

In addition, it also means that when a new application is required, companies have to fork out for the initial outlay of new IT infrastructure. On the other hand, server virtualisation negates the need to pay for new servers, which is a financial saving that firms with minimal resources will no doubt welcome.

Likewise, larger organisations will constantly strive to save money during the current economic climate, so virtualisation is a technology that can be a cost-effective option for a wide range of companies.

However, the financial benefits will particularly be seen for those businesses that have approximately half a dozen servers or more, so smaller firms might want to wait until they have a grown a little before committing to virtualisation. Despite this, there are still plenty of pros to the technology, so it will depend on what your IT priorities are as a company.

One advantage already mentioned is that you can get the full potential out of your computing power, rather than large percentages of a server not being required, as if often the case with traditional technology. Furthermore, with servers fully used when virtualised, many companies find they can reduce the number of servers they require. This can not only save data centre space, but also reduce the strain placed on resources in order to keep the servers running and up to date.

Staff and time are often limited at SMEs, so freeing up resources will no doubt be welcomed and help provide increased flexibility. Another benefit to virtualisation is that because high availability and fault tolerance are built into the technology from the beginning, this eliminates weak points, slashing the potential for downtime.

Downtime is costly to businesses both large and small, but SMEs will especially feel the consequences of lost sales, a diminished reputation and consumer frustration caused by a website crashing and operations coming to a halt. They will not have the money, wide customer base and PR machines that their larger counterparts have, so are unlikely to bounce back as quickly from downtime.

Virtualisation can also open the door for ageing software to be removed. This can often be a problem at larger companies that have been set in their IT ways for several years and have perhaps been unsure of how to overhaul their infrastructure due to their size.

One thing smaller firms should consider is whether they have the technical expertise to cope with the move to virtualisation. This is where choosing a hosting partner can prove effective, as such a company will have the time, knowledge and resources to oversee and manage the deployment of virtual servers.