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The foreclosure processes which has been sparking controversial and judicial statements in many areas typically mean that a lender who has not received the mortgage of his property from the borrower for more than 90 days.

This foreclosure process has enabled a lender to take judicial and non-judicial action which has resulted in pure eviction of the borrower from the former’s property.Sometimes, a lender may also take to notice a certain strategic default which typically is interpreted as the borrower who is capable of paying the mortgage but is atypically trying to avoid the situation.

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Accordingly, there has been quite an authentic research provided by Von Furtstenberg, (Jung, 1962, Page, 1964, Von Furtstenberg, 1969; Von Furtstenberg, 1970a; Von Furtstenberg, 1970b; Von Furtstenberg, 1974) who has stated that there is a keen relationship between the interest rates and the loan to value ratio. He has determined that the higher the interest rate and the higher the loan to value ratio would ultimately result in strategic defaults in foreclosure methods.

The study also showed the main variables that were keenly used by previous researchers and has arisen to the fact that there had been a complimentary increase in foreclosure methods in a typical area; whether the area includes urban or rural properties. It also may support the prevalence of unemployment in that area.


Many micro studies have initiated the fact of taking the log of the number of housing units which helps them to determine the actual number of housing units in that area. However, the number of mortgaged units could not be determines but in such a case, there has been linkage within the number of housing units of that area.

Also, many studies use the age of mortgage, refining of loans, prepayment penalties and the interest rate as important variables.

A welcoming office front could bring you more customers

First impressions in business can be crucial. Clients and customers want to be welcomed and what better way of achieving this by creating an inviting outdoor space in front of your company’s premises.

Read on to find ways in which you can make an attractive business front but at the same time ensuring that the building is well protected.


Garden space

The majority of offices are in middle of some urban metropolis, or worse situated on a soulless industrial estate, with nothing but concrete and glass as far as the eye can see. To set your business apart, you can go about creating a garden outside of the premises. A splash of greenery will add some much needed colour to an otherwise dull combo of bricks and mortar.

Intertwining small lawns and gravel parts will give a much more unique feel to your business and show that there is much more than data and statistics to the the operation. A well thought out garden can portray an image of creativity and loving affection.

Water features

These do exactly what they says on the tin: creates a feature, a point of interest. Again, it is something not usually related to the world of business but a small water feature or fountain can add a real sense of welcoming to the building.

While the days of Ground Force putting a similar feature in every home they redeveloped are long gone, these items still provide a ‘wow’ factor especially when clients are not expected to be confronted with them.

It is important however, to ensure that the garden area is sufficiently safe and secure. This is where the role of metal railings comes into play and choosing the right type of product can give a real touch of class to the front of a building.

Ornamental fencing

Ornamental fencing is great option for businesses to choose as they give that idea of authority while not detracting from the beauty of the garden that you have lovingly created. Jacksons Security Fencing offers a wide range of fencing which will be in keeping with the tone that you are attempting to create for your business.

The barriers provide aesthetic grace that you simply can not get with other products available on the market. Additional panels will also add a high level of security which will not only emphasise the overall look of the structure but tell visitors that the building is secure.

Transparent railings

When installing a water feature or other focal point of the outside garden at your business you want to ensure that it is suitably protected. Transparent railings are the perfect tool as they will not only keep your water feature or pond safe but also avoid detracting from the overall look of the garden.

Remember, when you are creating a site of this ilk while you want to send a message to clients and customers of a welcoming environment you also want to be free of vandalism or disrepair. By installing the correct metal railings and fencing you will effortlessly achieve this and wow anyone visiting your premises.

Predictions of Agents and Homeowners in Real Estate Market Of 2013

The Real Estate business has flourished to a huge extent in the past few years and its making a huge interest worldwide. The agents are phenomenal at taking historical data and translating it for the determination of current market condition. The prognosis, predictions related to the Real Estate Market of 2013.


According to the National Association of Home Builders, from January to February of this year, the housing starts rose to 2% though decreased from December 2012.The NAHB forecasted that 641,000 single families which is quite down from December, January and February numbers.

They even reported that the builder’s confidence is down with the depressing in narrow sections where there is a rise in cost for labor and building materials. Well the agents claim that 2014 will be blessed year of new housing construction, not 2013.

Regarding mortgaged inventory, the predictions is that it will fall in 2013 .The mortgaged inventories are threatened to a significant swing in housing market supply. 2013 will be a mixed bag.

The normal vacancy for homes is about 1.5% while it is down by 0.4 % from the 2012 fourth quarter .The normal amount of inventory is coming close not increasing rather falling. The prices are rising and are set to get hiked this year.

The home prices were expected to rise 3.3% annually through 2017. Though optimistically, Corelogic predicts home prices will hike to 6% this year.


New Home Sales Fall in EU

WASHINGTON – Sales of new homes in the U.S. fell in February, while prices rose to their highest level in eight months, according to a government report released Thursday paints a mixed picture on the housing market.

Sales of new homes fell 1.6% in February to an annualized and seasonally adjusted than 313,000 units, said the Commerce Department.

The January figure was revised to a lower than 318,000 units from the originally announced 321,000.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast sales at an annual rate of 325,000 units in February.

“This is an indication that the housing market is still quite weak,” said Neil Dutta, an economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York.

At the same time, there were signs of improvement in the new home market, as reflected in upward revisions to figures for November and December. Compared to February last year, new home sales rose 11.4%.

Meanwhile, the median price of a new house rose 8.3% to $ 233.700, the highest level since June. Compared to February 2011, the price increased 6.2%.

Prices of Treasury bonds extended their gains after the report, while the dollar deepened its losses against the yen and stocks fell to session lows.

The report, which closes a week of data on real estate, was broadly in line with the number of home sales used.

Sales of previously owned homes fell in February, but the price rose to an annual rate.

The housing market is still affected by an excess of existing homes for sale, especially those topped sold below its value.

While the pace of new home sales remained above the 300,000 units, only one fifth of the 1,389,000 units sold in July 2005.

The inventory of new homes on the market remained unchanged at a record low of 150,000 homes. At the February sales pace, it would take 5.8 months to empty inventories, a slight increase from 5.7 months in January.

Sales rose in the northeast and east of the country, while they fell in the South and Midwest.

New home sales account for only 7% of the overall housing market and face strong competition in the sector of existing homes.


The Luxurious Home of Alan Garcia


LIMA, Peru -President Alan Garcia, after separating from Pilar Nores , rented a residence on Summit Street, Las Casuarinas for not less than $4,500 per month.

The splendid house is reported to be about 2,500 square meters, with an aerial view and sits on a solid block of stone. “They say the house has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a walk in closet the size of a department Mivivienda,” added the journalist César Hildebrandt.

They also said that president has homes in Paris and Bogota, apart from the beach house in Chacarilla. After separating from Garcia, Pilar Nores would have stayed with the latter, detailed weekly. In addition, Garcia also owns a BMW that costs $160,000.