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Gold Price Hits Its Lowest In Last 2 Years

Due to the frequent ups and downs in the global gold markets and changes in the international exchange rates, gold price hits its lowest in last 19 months. The effects of this price reduction have caused a favorable condition among the potential gold buyers. The reduction in the price continued to slow down for a few days but it gained some strength late last night with a slight gain.

gold bar

Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)

This MCX has been a crucial factor for this market situation. The MCX indicator ended a down of 112 rupees and it closed at 25,654 rupees for every 10 gram. The same indicator hit its lowest at 25,435 rupees previously and it was the lowest in the last 19 months. This precious yellow metal was also influenced by the US market where the MCX recorded a low of 0.37% and the price ended at $1.382.2 for every ounce.

The Possible Upcoming Boost:

The bullion market experts, however, are not very much sure about the future price of gold. The experts feel that the prices are likely to go up once again after Akshaya Tritiya, a festival dedicated to gold purchasing. However, they are of one opinion that this is the best time for the potential buyers to make a good purchase of this metal, as the prices are likely to go up again sooner or later.

India has been putting its best efforts to adopt suitable policies to increase its gold assets. The announcement of P. Chidambaram, the Finance Minister of India, has a favorable impact on this market situation. The experts have firm faith in the role played by the minister.

The 6.3 Inches Galaxy Mega – Samsung Unveils Biggest Smartphone

The Galaxy Mega is the biggest smartphone introduced by Samsung that lets you enjoy a screen of 6.3 inches. This is the ideal size for watching videos or running two apps together. Yes, the ‘phablet’ is in now and Samsung has popularized it. The phones are gaining the tablet dimension and the first one in the queue is the Galaxy Note released in 2011. Now Samsung is focused on marketing the ‘Android power handset’ that has a high definition screen and it might also support the full HD resolution.


The other competing brands

This is a South Korean firm that claims to offer the biggest HD smartphone with 5.9 inches screen that was released in January 2013. The same was claimed by Huawei, the Chinese company that manufactured the 6.1 inches screen Acsend Mate.

The Mega and the 5.8 version releasing

Then what about the 8 inches Samsung Galaxy note? This tablet comes with radio functionality and calling facility. Samsung has suggested that in spite of the dimension, the Galaxy mega is a lightweight and a small phone. The user can use it with one hand and it seamlessly glides into the pocket. But the company will also release a 5.8 inches version as an alternative. Both of them will be available for sale from May.

Will buyers appreciate the Mega?

There is a demand for larger smartphones. It has been noticed that people are willing to buy one compact device rather than both a phone and smartphone. Yes, it is true that the Galaxy Mega is too big to use as a traditional phone but the device looks pretty phenomenal. Samsung was the most popular smart phone manufacturer in 2012.


Starbucks Loyalty Program Enters Supermarkets

If you are a frequenter at Starbucks, then you might be interested to know about the company’s latest offering. Starbucks’ loyalty program is getting a new turn as the company allows their members to earn points when purchasing bags of their coffee at supermarkets.

The company, based in Seattle, announced this new program during their annual meeting, and said that it will commence from this May onwards. According to Adam Brotman, Starbucks’ chief digital officer, this new program is important in gaining ‘‘good customer insight’’ that would be helpful to the company to build a better online advertising.starbucks

Starbucks had earlier said that it would be starting a plan whereby their customers could earn points through retail products, but at that time they hadn’t revealed when they would commence with the program. In order to earn points, members would have to sign in through their accounts, and then enter the code that is found on the Starbucks coffee bag.

Frappuccinos and Tazo tea bags are other products that the company sells at grocery stores but they haven’t specified whether other products will be eligible in this program. The company would expand their program to their other products that are being sold in supermarkets this fall.

From next month onwards, Starbucks customers will be able to earn points at the Teavana shops which the company had acquired recently. In 2009, the company had launched the My Starbucks Rewards program which offered people free drinks and food based on the number of points they earned.

Every purchase is eligible for one point at Starbucks cafes, and these do not depend on the amount spent for the products.

Members do not have to pay any fee for enrolling into the program. The previous royalty program cost $25 a year, and members were allowed 10 percent off on all purchases.

Realistic Mannequins in Sweden steal hearts

Mannequins have been around for thousands of years, but their function in fashion is fairly recent. They first appeared in store windows in the 1800s during the Industrial Revolution when window panes were installed in stores to display the latest fashion trends.

mannequins (1)The latest news regarding these dummies corresponds to a store in Sweden where there are two such mannequins that look very realistic. A photo of these mannequins that was posted on Facebook went viral and amassed thousands of likes and shares. It was on Tuesday that a blogger at Women’s Rights News posted the photo of the department store mannequins to Facebook and the response was simply overwhelming.

Mannequin comes from the French word mannequin, which had acquired the meaning “an artist’s jointed model”, which in turn came from the Middle Dutch word manneken, meaning “little man, figurine”. So it looks like the words got their real meaning with the Sweden store mannequins.

These mannequins are made of a variety of materials that include fibre glass or moulded plastic. Whatever the material is, the body parts look ravishing and are 100% realistic. Some sources online had initially attributed the mannequins to H&M. But a representative from the Stockholm-based retailer confirmed via email that the photograph is not from one of their stores and that they do not know where it might have been taken.

A few months back when a photo of a larger than average mannequin surfaced on Reddit along with the message “Anyone else horrified that they make obese mannequins now too?” the post got hundreds of “up” votes in support. The same response has come for the skinny mannequins too.

Sulfuric Acid capacity across the globe set to rise in 2013

The current volatile economic conditions across the globe have meant that it is really hard to predict the market trends when it comes to both metals and other natural resources. Let alone sulfuric acid, those close to the business world and flowing market trends on a daily basis are finding it pretty hard to get the Sulphur prices right at the moment, thanks the great variation that they have demonstrated in the last 4 years.

sulfuric acidBut many across the spectrum do feel that sulfuric acid capacity is only set to go up in the coming year and that trend is most likely to hold for the next 5 years as well.

This confidence largely comes from the impetus offered by the fertilizer industries and the new found revitalization of agriculture across most nations of the globe.

From developing nations to the traditional powerhouses, the necessity to increase food crop and productivity has meant that there is greater demand for fertilizers today than ever before that that has a direct impact on the market movement of sulfuric acid itself.

The major contributors to this would be the phosphate fertilizers whose consumption is predicted to be going up by good 1.05 million tons per year and with the total consumption figures predicted to hit 120 million tons by 2017, there will be constant and most definitely increased demand for feedstock sulfuric acid.

There has been a surge in the number of units involved in the production of sulfuric acid in the past two years and new industrial ventures are set to kick off in early 2013, which will add to the supply chain and should meet the current demands.

While the demand for quality fertilizers is almost universal, the majority of the demand surge is expected to come from South America and South East Asia, since there is plenty of scope for new markets to open up in the region.

Uncertain economic times and increased demand will have an effect on its prices, but for the moment the trend seems to be skewed towards the positive.