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This is the first review I’ve ever written for a game on my decades on this planet. I’ve read through probably hundreds of reviews before deciding to spend my hard earned cash on this game, mainly because I was so disappointed with the previous GTA IV. I have never seen so much high praise for a game, ever. I have also never seen so much hopeless and useless bashing of a game (more on that in a moment). All of the things I felt needed fixing in GTA IV, they fixed, especially the driving mechanics. The first few hours I spent playing GTA V, were some of the most fun I’ve EVER had playing a game. Fantastic player control, humorous, well executed and convincing commentary, incredible ambient sound and amazing music. The graphics are incredibly polished and like others have said, quite an accomplishment for the 360. Many people are bashing this game for seemingly pointless reasons. Some, because they want attention, some because of jealousy and some because they are just hopelessly ignorant. I say look at user score distribution. Even the people trying their best to pull the rating down for ratings sake are still failing as of this review. Finally, I will confirm as I have read again and again in the last few days that this IS one of the best games ever made and quite possibly the best game that I’ve played in my life. That is spanning 22 years of gaming, 12+ systems and hundreds of games. The Cake is done. Enjoy!

Let your brand go viral with social media marketing



Ever since the social media has invaded this world it has become very easy to connect to the world around the clock. It has become a good news for the different brand and business holders to now promote their brands on social webs as this way they can easily advertise their product with less cost and where it is easy to get hands with the costumer.

One of the major benefits of advertising on a social networking site is that advertisers can take advantage of the users demographic information and target their ads appropriately. Social networks like facebook and twitter are daily destinations for millions of consumers. Increasingly, their ad products offer targeting according to specific demographics, social connections, interests, and habits.
In beginning advertising on social media looked a lot like search, it was managed like search and early adopters used search like tools to deliver campaigns. Then as audiences grew, targeting features developed and the ability to draw rich insights from targeted buys became easier as brands and agencies started to look at ways in which wider scale audience buys could be migrated across to run on social networks

The main advantage of searched based advertising is that it is always easy to find people on social networking websites, thus this way you have a better chance to show your brand to the world at one time, in one instant. Another factor that enhance its use is the low cost of advertising. You don’t need any models or you don’t need to run time based commercials specifically; all you need is an innovative idea that attracts the people and make them open up your add and check out the details.

Online advertising

Online or internet advertising, uses internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to customers. it includes social media, email marketing, e-commerce, mobile advertising, search engine marketing, banner advertising and much more. Online advertising mostly involves both a publisher and advertiser. Online advertising is a vast business and is growing rapidly.

Despite its popularity, many common online advertising practices are controversial, moreover online advertising replace other publisher’s revenue streams.


Online advertising conveys its advertising message via:

1) web banner.

2) frame ad.

3) floating ad

4) expanding ad.

5) trick banners.

6) interstitial ads

7) text ads.

Online advertising has added new horizons to this era of technique and development. There are many benefits of online advertising such as:

1) cost

2) measurability.

3) formatting.

4) targeting.

5) speed.

6) coverage.

Eye-tracking studies have shown that internet users often ignore web page likely to contain display ads. On the contrary, studies suggest that those advertisements ignored by the users may have an effect on the user subconsciously!

Having said that, there is a risk of fraud in online marketing, which can occur when publishers overstate the number of ad impressions they have delivered to their advertisers. Because different users have different systems, online ads may appear differently to users. Rich media ads create greater compatibility issues, as some developers use competing software to render their ads.

Ad advertisers often use technology to maximize their abilities to track consumers. Customers can be easily troubled by advertisers targeting them based on information that is sensitive such as health and financial status.

Ad-blocking is another term, that means that the ads do not become visible to the user because the user uses technology to screen out ads by default.1oa




Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is basically a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the aims of increasing sales and gaining a sustainable competitive merits. Marketing strategy includes all long term and basic activities in the field of marketing that deals with testing the expertise of strategic initial situation of a company.


There are so many ways of marketing strategy, some of which are:

1) Promotional offers.

2) Advertisements.

3) Discount coupons.

4) Personal sales.

5) Consents.

6) Free samples.

Evaluating different ways  of promotion in marketing, one must give account of these strategies have not been made formulas or recipes for the success of the launch, although theses strategies are effective enough.

A marketing strategy is an overall plan made to meet the needs and requirements of the consumer, this plan should be based on clear objectives, techniques and goals.

Market research enables the organisation to recognize the most correct marketing mix. The mix consist of:

1) The right product.

2) Sold at right price.

3) Using the correct promotion techniques.

4) In the right place.

Finally techniques need to be applied to monitor the success of marketing activity.

Today’s business have an increasing market focus. If organisations are to serve the requirements of their consumers they need to structured n such a manner as to identify and meed consumer’s necessities. Business need to behave in a such a way that it fulfills the needs of the customer.

A company prospers when it beats the break even point and everyone in it believes that success depends on the excellence of their contributions.






The foreclosure processes which has been sparking controversial and judicial statements in many areas typically mean that a lender who has not received the mortgage of his property from the borrower for more than 90 days.

This foreclosure process has enabled a lender to take judicial and non-judicial action which has resulted in pure eviction of the borrower from the former’s property.Sometimes, a lender may also take to notice a certain strategic default which typically is interpreted as the borrower who is capable of paying the mortgage but is atypically trying to avoid the situation.

7 8

Accordingly, there has been quite an authentic research provided by Von Furtstenberg, (Jung, 1962, Page, 1964, Von Furtstenberg, 1969; Von Furtstenberg, 1970a; Von Furtstenberg, 1970b; Von Furtstenberg, 1974) who has stated that there is a keen relationship between the interest rates and the loan to value ratio. He has determined that the higher the interest rate and the higher the loan to value ratio would ultimately result in strategic defaults in foreclosure methods.

The study also showed the main variables that were keenly used by previous researchers and has arisen to the fact that there had been a complimentary increase in foreclosure methods in a typical area; whether the area includes urban or rural properties. It also may support the prevalence of unemployment in that area.


Many micro studies have initiated the fact of taking the log of the number of housing units which helps them to determine the actual number of housing units in that area. However, the number of mortgaged units could not be determines but in such a case, there has been linkage within the number of housing units of that area.

Also, many studies use the age of mortgage, refining of loans, prepayment penalties and the interest rate as important variables.

Successful SME Market Makes Demand for Vans

Demand for vans in the UK has been driven up by buoyant SMEs that are looking to expand as market conditions improve. There are a number of factors currently affecting SMEs that are making it an ideal time to either buy or rent vans for their business operations.

van hire

Firstly, small UK based businesses are finding it easier to launch with less starting capital than ever before thanks to the benefits of leasing key goods and equipment such as office space and communications hardware as well as vans and cars. According to a study recently published by O2 Business, on average small businesses founded in the last three years only needed £17,000 in working capital during their first year of trading.

“Small businesses still struggle to grow due to a lack of funding, but the good news is that many looking to start up have a number of alternative options open to explore – such as leasing – which can work out far more cost-effective in the long run,” said Paul Lawton, general manager of SMB at O2.

O2’s research found that of the SMEs surveyed, 18% said that vans or cars were their primary consideration for renting.

white van hire

SMEs are also finding it easier to secure financial assistance in order to refit their vans or hire/purchase new ones. Various autolease firms have been steadily pumping several billion pounds of financial muscle into the SME market over the course of the last two years and many have pledged to increase their assistance for these businesses going forward.

This is a significant boost for SMEs considering that according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), the number of small businesses that have used a bank overdraft or loan has fallen in the past two years. It is unclear whether the chief factor responsible for this downturn is an unwillingness of banking groups to take risks on smaller enterprises or simply that more SMEs are trying to avoid taking  out bank loans at uncompetitive interest rates. Regardless, the alternative financial assistance is proving to be massively helpful in fuelling the demand for vans used for commercial purposes.


Another factor that is making van hire/purchases a more attractive prospect is the fact that Chancellor George Osborne decided to cancel his proposed 3p hike in fuel duty for the most recently announced budget. After sustained lobbying and pressure from various motor groups and public figures, he decided that fuel duty would remain frozen once again.

For SMEs this was a decision with serious consequences. For a small firm with around 20 transit vans the proposed fuel hike would have increased their annual fuel bills by an estimated £4,000 per year.

Chris Chandler, principal consultant at Lex Autolease, said: “Small businesses throughout the country rely upon their vehicles to carry out their day to day activities. A three pence rise in fuel duty would have delivered a significant blow to small businesses, many of which are already facing challenging economic conditions and rising costs.”

“While it is important to keep an eye on the prices at the pump, companies need to focus on factors that they can control in order to minimise costs and offset the rise in fuel duty, such as carefully monitoring driver behaviour.”

These factors combined mean that it’s an excellent time for SMEs to consider what their current and future transport needs are and whether an expansion of their vehicle pool is not only possible, but necessary.

Amazon.Com to Employ 500 For Tech-Related Jobs In Fairfax County

The Gov. of Virginia, Robert F. McDonnell (R) has made an announcement that is planning a recruitment of 500 employees to its Fairfax County Web Service Businesses. The Dulles Corridor was cemented as a major information technology centre and big data storage. This highlighted the retail giant’s growing role as computer storage provider through the division of Amazon Web Services that was established by the company in the year 2006.


Mr. McDonnell also said in a press release that to support engineering and services for commercial as well as Government customers of AWS cloud services, Amazon will create a Herndon area office. An amount of $100,000 per year is expected to be paid by the jobs as an average. No further information was received from a spokesperson of Amazon.

The Western Fairfax and parts of Loudoun County houses an important telecommunication network which has been named as MAE-east and it is the main Internet hub on the East Coast and connects to a growing network of data centers and other infrastructures of technology. The vice chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Raul Fernandez has commented that Virginia has delivered and one more time has stood aside from other jurisdictions.

He also added by saying that the other jobs which will be created out of these Amazon jobs shall result in the addition of the diversification of employer base in that region. On the other hand, $ 500, 000 has been approved by McDonnell as state grant for assisting the Amazon’s recruitment and training.

G7 Countries Agree on More Stern Policies to Control Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion

The G7 countries are all geared up to work on collective decision for preventing tax avoidance and tax evasion and promoting economic growth throughout UK. In a crucial two-day meeting at Buckinghamshire, Chancellor Osborne encouraged all the individuals and firms to pay the tax billed and become a part of sustainable global economy recovery.


He is also assisted by Mervyn King and other G7 nation’s central bank governors and finance ministers in addressing the delicate issue of MNCs targeting easily transferable pricing rules to move their profits into tax havens like Cayman Islands and the Jersey. He said that these UK territories will have to play an active role in solving the problem of tax avoidance and tax evasion.

“We must have an efficient system in place to save big banks from failing and protect honest taxpayers in a transparent manner,” Osborne said. The problem of tax evasion and avoidance is difficult to control until all the European countries agree to share exclusive details on possible violation in the area of taxation.


France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the US and UK are presently signed up to the pilot scheme which enables tax professionals to share information of firms and individuals with one another. G7 wants the remaining European countries including low tax territories Austria and Luxembourg to join this unique scheme at the earliest and reduce the cases of tax evasion and avoidance.

G7 is the popular platform where all the member countries have reiterated their commitment to the tax evasion through new tax policy and promote a lasting economy recovery so that growth and prosperity can be enjoyed by all the European countries in real time.





ONS Chief Economist Declaration: the Economy Debate is Counter-Productive

The chief economist of Office for National Statistics, Joe Grice has said that the counter-productive public debate about the economy has proved a hindrance. He commented when he came to know that the double-dip recession could be avoided. This fact was revealed based on the recent figures by ONS that says that the construction sector had received contracts lesser than what was estimated in the year 2012.

The Economy Debate

The present position shall be clarified when the statistics of the next month will come out. The analysts after revising the facts and figures were convinced that the overall economy had a narrow escape before falling into recession for the second time.

Mr. Grice has said that they are keeping a check on the statistics as soon as new facts are revealed. He has strongly blamed on the attention which was given over the talks relating to the double-dip and the triple-dip recession by the company. He also insisted by saying that it is important to see to the happenings to the broad trends in the economy during a specific period of time.

Mr. Grice further added that the company has witnessed growth since last two or three years and the percentage is only half percentage. The road was tough and the situation is very different from the year 2008. The ONS is scheduled to provide its final growth estimates in the month of June. To be in recession, the company will have to register negative growth for a couple of years.


Pepsico Gets In Trouble for Releasing Racist Ads

Lil Wayne no longer associated with the company

One of the most popular rappers and a well-known pop singer, Lil Wayne was signed by the PepsiCo in order to promote their company’s soda, Mountain Dew. Unfortunately, the AD got into a lot of controversies as Lil Wayne is believed to pass lewd remarks about Emmett Till in a song, the civil rights idealist.

Therefore, PepsiCo decides to sever all ties with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne’s publicist Sarah Cunningham however claims that the partying was due to “creative differences” and that they have no hard feelings for each other as it was a friendly separation. The company clearly states that it is not responsible for any racist remarks made to civil rights martyr as the AD under no circumstances represents the brands ideals.


The AD that fell prey to controversies

PepsiCo and the rapper Lil Wayne calls off a deal they made for brand promotion. Lil Wayne was accused to making racial comments about the civil rights icon Emmett Till, black teen who hailed from Chicago was brutally tortured and murdered during his stay at Mississippi for whistling at a white woman in 1955.

The Company pulled another AD

This is not the first time Pepsi got in trouble for portraying racist messages; the company also hogged quite a bit of limelight and hit the headlines with the online AD this week itself. Tyler, the creator who is also a rapper made a song in an AD for PepsiCo which circled around racist innuendos as well as violence and atrocities done on women are shown. The company apologized and pulled the AD.

The Changing Picture of European Economy

Business news from one of the largest continent like Europe is something, which attracts the attention of any nation’s economy and also the scholars of political science, to make a comparative analysis of topics concerning their subject. The top featured news from Europe include David Owen’s ( the chief European Economist) comment at Jefferies International to CNBC, that Euro Zone is turning Japanese, with even the demographics looking the same as Japan fifteen years ago. The European Central bank (ECB) and its board members are gathering in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, and this meeting is expected to be remembered by everybody in times to come.


A collective howl of protests and despair is expected on the streets of Europe on 1st May 2013. Support from ECB has failed to stimulate small businesses and reach households in Euro zone, claims the analysts. Geoff Wilkinson says that, the European market recovery is at odds with fundamentals and highlights the performance of banking sector. Jim Cramer has started to wonder, if the events in Europe are likely to have an impact on US stocks. European share market on Tuesday closed at lower gains.

The most important news which shook the business industry was that Maserati dealers in Italy reported a drop of 80 percent in its production, due to which the economy of Europe had to undergo a huge loss. Apart from all the news mentioned above, if one wants to know more of business news; one can either go through the official websites of the news channels, which would give them all the comprehensive details of the news which they are looking for, or can get the same news from magazines and news papers.