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Maintain business relationships with corporate gifts

It has always been important for businesses to make sure their relationships with third party organisations stay as positive as possible, but it’s perhaps even more crucial in the current economic climate.

Keeping clients, suppliers and other partners onboard is vital to ensuring your business stays profitable as other companies flounder, and one way to do so is to regularly give business gifts.

Here are some ideas for how (and when) you could put corporate gifts to good use.

1) Holidays and festivals

Perhaps the most obvious time of year for sending out business gifts is Christmas and the start of the new year. This is the perfect occasion to say thanks to a corporate partner, and the good mood that tends to prevail in December means your gift should be especially well-received. Hampers, for example, often go down well during the festive period.

Of course, this isn’t the only festival perfect for gift-giving – there’s Easter too. Don’t forget other religions’ special occasions as well, such as Eid and Diwali, if you know the company in question has a significant number of employees who follow different faiths. It’s this kind of attention to detail that the recipient will truly appreciate.

2) Anniversaries and birthdays

Sending out a corporate gift to mark the anniversary of a big event can be another great way to strengthen your relationship with other organisations.

One particularly good idea could be to send a present to clients six months or one year after they’ve signed a contract with your company – and possibly every year after that – to show them how much you appreciate their continued custom.

If you know the birthday of a key contact – or perhaps even the managing director of the firm in question – how about sending them a personalised gift?

3) Special events

This year has probably seen a large number of diamond jubilee and Olympics-themed corporate presents sent out – and there are many other events that could provide the perfect time to deliver a great business gift to your suppliers or clients.

They don’t have to be as general as royal anniversaries or major sporting tournaments. Significant events within your own company – i.e. if your own business does particularly well – can offer a great chance to invite others to celebrate with you by sending out corporate gifts.

Let’s say you open an office or store in a new location, for example, or if you win an award or launch a major new product.

General tips

• Make it personal – It’s vital to ensure you personalise your gift as much as possible – even if you have lots of clients or suppliers to send presents to! It doesn’t take too much time to make sure the card/letter with the gift addresses a specific person or department, as opposed to the company as a whole.

• Get customising – Whether you opt for a luxury pen, briefcase, gadget, diary or something else entirely, you should be able to customise the item by printing your company’s name and logo on it. This way, the person using it will be reminded of your business each time they pick it up – helping to consolidate your strong relationship. Need proof? BPMA research shows two-thirds of people remember brands printed on a product they have received in the last 12 months.

• Ensure usefulness – The best corporate gifts involve items that the recipient will actually get some use out of. Office stationery is a good bet, but you could also opt for homeware such as wine glasses or a photo frame.

Football World Cup or the Olympics: Which is the true global event?

The London 2012 Games have had plenty of controversy surrounding them, a few awesome conspiracy theories that have simply not come true and some amazing sporting moments that we will all cherish for a lifetime. The event has been dubbed as a global Olympics and a social Olympics in the age of the internet and Twitter accounts. But are the Olympics truly a global event and do moments like the blitz of Bolt draw in the same interest and audience as a tournament like the Football World Cup?

The big question is if there is anything that matches the length and breadth of football’s premier event and generates as much talk as a world cup does.

It takes a lot to be called a truly global event and while many sports fans and enthusiasts will tell you that their own game is the ‘king’ of it all, when it comes to ground reality, simply nothing else matches both the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics. Yes, there is the NFL and the NBA, but they are at best glorified national tournaments that never truly deserve the tag of ‘world champions’ at the end of it all.

Then there are sports like Cricket and Rugby, but they are pretty limited in their reach despite having their own ‘world cup’ events.

The title of a world cup is probably only befitting for football alone. The sport is followed passionately in every continent and pretty much every nation across the planet. Even if your country does not make it to the World Cup most people choose to put on a Brazilian, Argentinean, English or Spanish jersey and cheer along. And the beautiful game is the one event that seems to bring together everyone across different social sections and religions.

The Olympics on the other hand is an amalgamation of various events and people largely tend to follow an event or a star, instead of the whole thing. It just does not seem to invoke same kind of passion in fans as a world cup fixture does and most often is a bit too long and widespread to carry the excitement through.

Add to this the controversies, the doping scandals and the presence of ‘judges for scoring’ in so many events and just does not have the same appeal. So, while the Olympics Committee would love you to believe that they organize the true global event, we probably are a bit more inclined towards FIFA on that. You of course, are welcome to disagree.

China and Brazil Congratulated Peña Nieto


China on Monday expressed its full readiness to work with the new Government of Mexico and maintain a strategic partnership.

“China is willing to work with Mexico to continue to promote sustainable development, healthy and stable strategic partnership that will benefit both countries and their people,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman, Liu Weimin.

Lui said the Asian government sent a congratulatory message to Enrique Peña Nieto, president-elect.

“Chinese President Hu Jintao sent a congratulatory message to Peña Nieto to prevail in the presidential elections in Mexico,” the spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, according to the Xinhua news agency.

He said that the Asian giant has always attached great importance to developing friendly relations with Mexico, since the establishment of bilateral ties over four decades.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said China is willing to continue working with the new Government of Mexico and keep its strategic partnership.

Peña Nieto invites Rousseff

Brazilian President Rousseff spoke by telephone with Peña Nieto to intensify bilateral relations from the installation of the new government.

The South American country’s president said the two talked for 10 minutes during the morning on Tuesday. Peña Nieto invited Rousseff to visit Brazil before his inauguration on December 1.

According to the Brazilian presidency, the PRI accepted the invitation and said he would visit the country before taking office as part of a tour made by several Latin American countries.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has visited Brazil since Rousseff took office in January 2011, but had close relations with his predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Brazil and Mexico are the two largest economies in Latin America.

According to the Brazilian presidency, Peña Nieto said in conversation that his victory was a demonstration of the maturity of the Mexican democratic process, to which Rousseff said it was an example for all Latin America.

Sada Dies in Plane Crash


The employer, Pablo Gonzalez Sada, Cydsa shareholder, died Saturday morning in the crash of the plane he was traveling.

The two-seater craft AirCam type, registration number XD-CAM, left San Pedro Garza Garcia at 08:30 pm and crashed about 4.5 miles from the entrance to the La Huasteca, in the city conurbation.

The incident report was received the Municipal Civil Protection unit at 09:58 hours.

The pilot was also killed Jose Martinez Ferrara.

Civil Protection presumed that the aircraft had tangled with wires, which caused the incident.

Troops of the Ministry of National Defense and the Federal Police and Research Agency have protected the area that was strewn with the wreckage.

The family of the businessman arrived at the scene of the incident aboard a helicopter where they talked with rescuers. Minutes later, they left without issuing any statements.

Due to the crash, Sada had multiple fractures in the body and face.

Toyota Camry Review and Trucks in the United States


DETROIT – The U.S. government extended an investigation of fire emerged from the gates of several Toyota models and added to the inquiry about 600,000 Camry sedans and other vehicles.

With enlargement, the research adds 1.4 million cars and SUVs from 2007 to 2009 models. When it began in February, it involved more than 800,000 Camry sedans and RAV4 2007 model trucks.

Federal authorities also are investigating a similar security problem in SUVs Chevrolet TrailBlazer 2006 and 2007 models manufactured by General Motors.

Certain 2008 and 2009 Camry car models, Yaris subcompact and 2007 to 2009 and all 2008 Highlander hybrid pickups were incorporated into the investigation, said Monday by the National Highway Safety in the U.S. on their website.

The vehicles were assembled in September 2006 to August 2008, the agency said.

So far, Toyota Motor Corp. and the government have received 161 complaints of fires in vehicles. Nine people were injured, according to government documents.

All vehicles use the same power switch on the driver’s door for the windows. The switches can overheat and cause fires, the government said.

The National Highway Safety raised the level of the investigation to call engineering analysis, which can result in a possible withdrawal from the market for car review workshop.

Those Toyota owners perceive they smell smoke or heat should call their cars dealers or carry out an inspection in the workshop, said Toyota spokesman, Brian Lyons. The company is cooperating with the agency in the investigation, he said.

Toyota’s reputation suffered a blow in the last three years due to a series of recalls of its products that exceeded 14 million vehicles worldwide.

As for the investigation of GM vehicles, the agency released documents on Saturday which said it had also reached the level of full engineering analysis. At first the investigation, it covered more than 309,000 TrailBlazer 2006 and 2007 truck models, but the government said Saturday that it nearly  increased to 342,000 vehicles.

The National Highway Safety and GM have received 242 complaints about the problem, including 28 fires. No one was injured, according to documents.


Pakistan Cuts off the Wings to Twitter

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Pakistan on Sunday blocked the social network, Twitter, because they refused to remove material deemed offensive to Islam, said a Pakistani official telecommunications.

The material promotes competition on Facebook for uploading images of the prophet Muhammad, said Mohammad Yaseen, Chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Many Muslims consider blasphemous images of the prophet.

Yaseen said that Facebook agreed to consider the complaints of Pakistan on the competition, although officials acknowledged that they have succeeded in the case of Twitter.

“We have been negotiating with them until last night, but they did not agree to remove the material, so we had to block it,” Yaseen said.

The orders to block the page came from the Ministry of Information Technology in Pakistan, Yaseen said.

The directors of Twitter and Facebook did not submit comments.

A court in Pakistan banned Facebook in 2010 to the outrage sparked by a similar competition. The ban was repealed two weeks later, after the network blocked that particular page in Pakistan.

The Pakistani government said at the time that it would continue to monitor other web sites for content and links to anti-Islamic.

Happy Birthday, Mark Zuckerberg!

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, turns 28 years old and holds a fortune of 17.500 million dollars, which is positioned in 35th place in the list of Forbes’ richest.

Zuckerberg, who was born in White Plains, New York, founded Facebook in 2004 in his dorm at Harvard, along with Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin.

Eight years after its creation, the social network was launched on 1 February with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents for an Initial Public Offering in order to raise 10.000 million. The operation may be the largest IPO of a company in Silicon Valley and is expected to occur this week.

If the price for its IPO is located in the range of 28 to 35 cents a share. Zuckerberg pocketed up to 1.100 million dollars, according to experts.

Zuckerberg is one of the leading entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley.

For experts, this is the most important explanation of why Facebook has not yet founded any formidable rival in the sector, including the challenge of Google last year.

Although a busy man, the young CEO gets challenges each year: in May 2011, Zuckerberg said he was willing to eat meat from animals he had killed.

In December 2010, the publisher, Bluewater Productions, released the biographical comic “Mark Zuckerberg: the Creator of Facebook.”

Avon rejects takeover bid

NEW YORK – The cosmetics firm Avon Products Inc. rejected a takeover offer of $ 10.000 million fragrance maker Coty Inc.
Coty announced the bid for Avon on Monday. He said the offer of 23.25 per share represented an increase of its previous offer of 22.25 per share.

The new offer was a gain of 20% to Friday’s close of 19.36 Avon cents per share on the stock market.

Shares of Avon, U.S. brand known for its “Avonladies” that offers products door to door and friends and family, increased 18.5% to reach 22.95 dollars in transactions prior to the opening on Monday.

Coty said Monday it has no interest in acquisition negotiations Avon. He added that 22.25 per share offered in early March and said it made public its intentions to shareholders are aware of the proposal.

However, Avon said Monday that the new offer of Coty is basically the same as that raised before.

Coty, known for its fragrances and nail care products, said the merger to occur, the new company would be called Avon-Coty.

The offer comes at a time when loss-Avon and has a power vacuum.

Holidays in Greece to get incredibly cheap after returning to drachma?

Greek crisis is moving rapidly to the worst solution. After partially announced bankruptcy last year, will probably total cessation of payments. Percentage cut debt increased from 20% to 50%, then 70% and already Greeks wonder whether it makes sense to pay something.

At first it was only to be cut private debts, but now threatens to leave Greeks with swollen lips even the European Central Bank. Peak of payments in March, and the Greeks explicitly threatening that they would not honor. Private accounts have already migrated 65 billion to the state remains in the clutches of bankruptcy bank nationalization or return to the drachma.

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