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Let your brand go viral with social media marketing



Ever since the social media has invaded this world it has become very easy to connect to the world around the clock. It has become a good news for the different brand and business holders to now promote their brands on social webs as this way they can easily advertise their product with less cost and where it is easy to get hands with the costumer.

One of the major benefits of advertising on a social networking site is that advertisers can take advantage of the users demographic information and target their ads appropriately. Social networks like facebook and twitter are daily destinations for millions of consumers. Increasingly, their ad products offer targeting according to specific demographics, social connections, interests, and habits.
In beginning advertising on social media looked a lot like search, it was managed like search and early adopters used search like tools to deliver campaigns. Then as audiences grew, targeting features developed and the ability to draw rich insights from targeted buys became easier as brands and agencies started to look at ways in which wider scale audience buys could be migrated across to run on social networks

The main advantage of searched based advertising is that it is always easy to find people on social networking websites, thus this way you have a better chance to show your brand to the world at one time, in one instant. Another factor that enhance its use is the low cost of advertising. You don’t need any models or you don’t need to run time based commercials specifically; all you need is an innovative idea that attracts the people and make them open up your add and check out the details.

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is basically a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the aims of increasing sales and gaining a sustainable competitive merits. Marketing strategy includes all long term and basic activities in the field of marketing that deals with testing the expertise of strategic initial situation of a company.


There are so many ways of marketing strategy, some of which are:

1) Promotional offers.

2) Advertisements.

3) Discount coupons.

4) Personal sales.

5) Consents.

6) Free samples.

Evaluating different ways  of promotion in marketing, one must give account of these strategies have not been made formulas or recipes for the success of the launch, although theses strategies are effective enough.

A marketing strategy is an overall plan made to meet the needs and requirements of the consumer, this plan should be based on clear objectives, techniques and goals.

Market research enables the organisation to recognize the most correct marketing mix. The mix consist of:

1) The right product.

2) Sold at right price.

3) Using the correct promotion techniques.

4) In the right place.

Finally techniques need to be applied to monitor the success of marketing activity.

Today’s business have an increasing market focus. If organisations are to serve the requirements of their consumers they need to structured n such a manner as to identify and meed consumer’s necessities. Business need to behave in a such a way that it fulfills the needs of the customer.

A company prospers when it beats the break even point and everyone in it believes that success depends on the excellence of their contributions.






The foreclosure processes which has been sparking controversial and judicial statements in many areas typically mean that a lender who has not received the mortgage of his property from the borrower for more than 90 days.

This foreclosure process has enabled a lender to take judicial and non-judicial action which has resulted in pure eviction of the borrower from the former’s property.Sometimes, a lender may also take to notice a certain strategic default which typically is interpreted as the borrower who is capable of paying the mortgage but is atypically trying to avoid the situation.

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Accordingly, there has been quite an authentic research provided by Von Furtstenberg, (Jung, 1962, Page, 1964, Von Furtstenberg, 1969; Von Furtstenberg, 1970a; Von Furtstenberg, 1970b; Von Furtstenberg, 1974) who has stated that there is a keen relationship between the interest rates and the loan to value ratio. He has determined that the higher the interest rate and the higher the loan to value ratio would ultimately result in strategic defaults in foreclosure methods.

The study also showed the main variables that were keenly used by previous researchers and has arisen to the fact that there had been a complimentary increase in foreclosure methods in a typical area; whether the area includes urban or rural properties. It also may support the prevalence of unemployment in that area.


Many micro studies have initiated the fact of taking the log of the number of housing units which helps them to determine the actual number of housing units in that area. However, the number of mortgaged units could not be determines but in such a case, there has been linkage within the number of housing units of that area.

Also, many studies use the age of mortgage, refining of loans, prepayment penalties and the interest rate as important variables.

BMW improvements for fast moving workers that want to travel in style

The BMW brand has long been associated with high-tech, high performance motoring that’s all about connecting the driver with the road for that maximum feeling of driver enjoyment. On top of that reputation for enjoyable dynamics, the engineers at BMW have also long focused on bringing safety and frugal fuel economy along with those desirable driving enjoyment traits. It’s been a long and very technical process, but the range of BMW cars just keeps getting better and better.

Companies that want to project a certain image to their customers have long been using BMW automotive products to get their staff from meeting to meeting in style, speed and comfort. Not only do these understated German cars project a feeling of power and control, they are also plenty of fun to drive, so the staff driving them are all the happier too.

new BMW 5 series

The BMW 3 Series has won awards for serving the fleet industry year after year; model redesign after redesign. It seems that the BMW designers and engineers just cannot seem to get it wrong.

To make a sales splash in the highly competitive world of fleet cars you need a very strong, individual and exciting product. The BMW 3 Series is all of these. Most people would be happy to have a new 3 Series parked on their driveway, and if they can have it as a reasonable cost option company car, then all the better. Why not weight up the options here with some fresh BMW 3 Series contract hire deals.

This is what makes the BMW 3 Series such a compelling product for people that do a lot of driving in their working lives; that enticing balance of reasonable taxation, cool styling, frugal engines and top notch safety technology. And year after year, BMW keep on beating themselves at their own game.

Every BMW 3 Series, regardless of whether its one of the more economy focused models or indeed one of the fast and furious models, is always ready to excite the driver with its mixture of chassis balance, on-road composure and tenacious mid-corner grip, thanks to its now very familiar chassis design of a front-mounted engine powering the rear wheels. Sending the engine power to the rear wheels means that all the front wheels have to do is take care of the steering, and if you’re really handy in a car, the rear-wheel drive BMW 3 Series models with a bit more power can actually drift through corners. And that’s always a sight to see.

But, fleet drivers looking to drive a BMW 3 Series are more likely to head towards the lower end of the engine power scale and look for high fuel economy figures and low CO2 emissions figures. These are the kinds of figures that will save these drivers money on their company car tax. However, even a very frugal diesel 3 Series is still a lot of fun to drive thanks to good engine power and that rear-wheel drive chassis.

Even with some of the smaller capacity engines up front and a more frugal nature to the car’s intended use, a decent spec 3 Series is never an austere story inside, especially if you spend a little extra from the options list. The design inside is as clean, calm and self-assured as the design on the outside, and there’s always plenty of the latest safety and entertainment technology to be found – further keys reasons behind the BMW success story.

Ways in which your business can make the most of seasonality

Holidays and different times of the year affect businesses in a plethora of ways as some will experience a boom just when others are entering a quiet period. Regardless of the differing seasonal events such as Christmas and Easter and when you have the most business, companies can take advantage of all times of year if they plan ahead thoroughly.

seasonIn any one of the seasonal periods, your business is likely to have either an increase or a drop in sales, however, if you think ahead you can use any scenario to boost your overall performance.

There are a number of different methods that you can implement to get the most out of your company, from increasing sales opportunities to temporarily expanding in peak times in order to deal with the extra business. There are always actions that will help to improve the way in which your business runs, so don’t be afraid to break away from the norm just a little bit.

Make the most of increased sales opportunities

If you are approaching a season that you know usually brings a spike in sales, then it makes sense to maximise the amount of sales you can expect in that period. If you plan ahead, rolling out new strategies can become second nature to you and your staff. There are a number of different ways that you can do this. Indeed, one of the easiest methods is by targeting the customers that you expect to be coming through the doors. Use your database to contact existing clients and let them know of new promotions that are on the horizon.

In addition to this, you will need to plan your cashflow in such a way so as to ensure you have enough money to purchase the extra stock that will be required in the peak periods when you are offering the promotions, because nothing looks worse than having no stock on the shelves. Check with suppliers to ensure they can deliver the required stock exactly when it is needed.

Ensure you have the space to deal with extra stock

If you are going to be bulk-buying stock to keep up with the additional footfall that you expect in a certain period then it is important you have the space to deal with it. There is no point in ordering the stock if you haven’t got any temporary buildings to hold them. CopriSystems has a wide range of such structures to consider. Temporary buildings will be required even more if the season is winter as the likelihood of goods being damaged if not covered is increased.

Plan your staffing requirements carefully

With the economic outlook still somewhat gloomy throughout the UK and the wider world, companies are loath to authorise overtime to their staff, however, if you are entering a period in which you know more sales will be made then preparing your staff is as important a task as any.

This could come in the form of offering overtime to existing employees, hiring temporary members of staff or outsourcing work in the busy periods.

Find ways to make the seasons count

If the holidays don’t usually see an increase in sales, then try to find ways to generate additional business. Ask members of staff for suggestions or contact existing customers to get an idea of what they want to see more of in store.


G7 Countries Agree on More Stern Policies to Control Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion

The G7 countries are all geared up to work on collective decision for preventing tax avoidance and tax evasion and promoting economic growth throughout UK. In a crucial two-day meeting at Buckinghamshire, Chancellor Osborne encouraged all the individuals and firms to pay the tax billed and become a part of sustainable global economy recovery.


He is also assisted by Mervyn King and other G7 nation’s central bank governors and finance ministers in addressing the delicate issue of MNCs targeting easily transferable pricing rules to move their profits into tax havens like Cayman Islands and the Jersey. He said that these UK territories will have to play an active role in solving the problem of tax avoidance and tax evasion.

“We must have an efficient system in place to save big banks from failing and protect honest taxpayers in a transparent manner,” Osborne said. The problem of tax evasion and avoidance is difficult to control until all the European countries agree to share exclusive details on possible violation in the area of taxation.


France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the US and UK are presently signed up to the pilot scheme which enables tax professionals to share information of firms and individuals with one another. G7 wants the remaining European countries including low tax territories Austria and Luxembourg to join this unique scheme at the earliest and reduce the cases of tax evasion and avoidance.

G7 is the popular platform where all the member countries have reiterated their commitment to the tax evasion through new tax policy and promote a lasting economy recovery so that growth and prosperity can be enjoyed by all the European countries in real time.





ONS Chief Economist Declaration: the Economy Debate is Counter-Productive

The chief economist of Office for National Statistics, Joe Grice has said that the counter-productive public debate about the economy has proved a hindrance. He commented when he came to know that the double-dip recession could be avoided. This fact was revealed based on the recent figures by ONS that says that the construction sector had received contracts lesser than what was estimated in the year 2012.

The Economy Debate

The present position shall be clarified when the statistics of the next month will come out. The analysts after revising the facts and figures were convinced that the overall economy had a narrow escape before falling into recession for the second time.

Mr. Grice has said that they are keeping a check on the statistics as soon as new facts are revealed. He has strongly blamed on the attention which was given over the talks relating to the double-dip and the triple-dip recession by the company. He also insisted by saying that it is important to see to the happenings to the broad trends in the economy during a specific period of time.

Mr. Grice further added that the company has witnessed growth since last two or three years and the percentage is only half percentage. The road was tough and the situation is very different from the year 2008. The ONS is scheduled to provide its final growth estimates in the month of June. To be in recession, the company will have to register negative growth for a couple of years.


HDFC Bank Leads the Market for More Than 13 Years

India’s premier private sector banks and money lender, HDFC Bank has been leading the national market in India for more than 54 weeks now. It is more than 13 years in a row. It is certainly a big achievement of the bank that shows its strong hold in the Indian market. The bank has been maintaining a steady growth rate of more than 30 percent over the years.


As per the quarterly report issued by the bank for the last quarter ended on March 31, 2013, the Bank recorded a growth rate of 30.1 percent in the net profits. Revealing the statistics to the press, the bank analysts claimed to maintain this rate of growth with a fairly positive chance of bettering it even further. The HDFC Bank works with a solid planning that takes it closer to the market where the scope of business is wider than the other aspects.

The strategists working for the Bank are focusing towards the retail market and other such areas where it can put more customers under its flagship. However, the Bank targets the corporate market and has a very strong hold over the capital that is involved in the business through different corporate companies.

The bank comes up with innovative plans and policies that are highly beneficial for its customers. Moreover, it works with a full dedication to bring the best banking services to its customers. The NRI facilities from HDFC Bank are really very good that attracts the NRIs towards the bank.

Falling Gold Price May Affect The Banks Adversely

 The falling price of the precious yellow metal is likely to cause a mixed impression upon the masses. The survey, made immediately after the gold price hit its lowest recently, reveals mixed opinions from the renowned jewelers from across the country. As per the well-known gold jewelers, the lowest price of gold may encourage the smaller of mediocre jewelers to deposit more gold with them that they can use further when the prices would go up once again.


The situation is favorable for the people as well who are largely interested in making money through investment in gold. However, the jewelers are supposed to be the most benefited people in this situation where gold is losing its price in the International market.

As a matter of fact the cost of the rented gold is open-ended where the cost is fixed while the jewelers sell them to their customers either in the form of jewelries or in the form of gold bar. This reduces the inventory risk for the jewelers as well. This lowered risk also works as a cushion against any situation caused by the reduction of the price. As the demand of gold jewelry is likely to raise in the time to come, so the interest of the banks is likely to go down further as well.

In such a situation, the banks would have to take the policy of ‘wait and watch’. The banks that are nominated by the Reserve bank of India (RBI) would be in a situation to take the commodity risk to face the loss. At the present moment, when the price of gold is going down, the market would not be in favor of the banks. However, the situation would certainly improve and then the banks would play a vital role again.



American Shadow Economy Displays a Larger Picture of Joblessness

The American economy, even though it has showed signs of growth since June of 2009, hasn’t really helped the people to buckle up their lives. There are 4.8 million unemployed Americans, 40 percent of all those jobless, and they have not had a job for more than 27 weeks.

The job market shows signs of recuperation, but the same sign isn’t seen among the people, which has given the country’s shadow economy a turn for the worse. America’s shadow economy harbors activities that are also illegal, from prostitution to drug dealing, apart from low level jobs like working construction for a day’s money.pix

Economists estimate that around $2 trillion flows through the shadow economy, which, while providing a day’s meal for some, would also contribute to the lack of similarities in economic data.

Since September 2010, retail sales have had an annual growth of 3.5 percent, and taxes have increased which has led to jobless benefit eligibility to reduce to 73 weeks or less from 99 weeks in some states. Unemployment (USURTOT) has risen up to 7.7 percent from 4.4 percent in 2007, while income has only gone up by 2.2 percent in a year.

Mitchell Hirsch, an advocate for unemployed workers for the New York-based National Employment Law Project, says that many workers enter the shadow economy increasingly nowadays. According to him, this type of offbeat work “is definitely more significant than before the recession, especially among people who are tapping out savings and losing unemployment benefits.”

“They’re finding in some cases desperate and in some cases very creative ways of trying to get some kind of income legally,” he said.

A guide to accidental damage insurance for landlords

Although landlords will find their property is covered for most eventualities by specialist building and contents insurance policies, there is an additional type of insurance that is well worth considering. Read on to find out more about accidental damage cover.

accidental damage insuranceWhat is accidental damage insurance?

Accidental damage insurance offers protection against one-off mishaps that may occur in your property and cause significant damage, either to the contents or the building itself. Such mishaps may occur as a result of your tenants’ behaviour, or be caused by you directly. This type of cover is sometimes included as standard in landlord insurance policies or it may be offered as an optional extra.

Used in conjunction with other policies, it can make life easier for landlords by providing them with comprehensive cover for their rental properties. Incidents that an accidental damage policy will cover range from minor accidents like a dented ceiling or a wine spillage on the carpet, to more serious DIY disasters.

For example, if you’re carrying out some basic maintenance tasks in the property and end up damaging a water pipe by hammering a nail into the wall, this will be covered under your accidental damage policy.

These policies cover both accidental damage to both buildings and contents. For this reason, they should give you peace of mind about the floors, walls and roof of your property, as well as the windows and doors. If you allow some of your possessions to be used by the tenants, such as furniture and a television, then these items should also be covered. However, contents of the property that belong to the tenants will not be insured.

The fine print

Remember that accidental damage cover does not apply to general wear and tear around the property. This is because damage that occurs as the result of sustained usage is not considered accidental. So you would not be able to claim for a chair that falls apart after several years of being sat on, or for a mechanical fault with an old washing machine or dishwasher.

You will also struggle to claim for any damage caused by domestic animals or the work of contractors such as plumbers, roofers and painters on an accidental damage policy, as this will be deemed bad workmanship.

With this in mind, it is important that any landlord is aware of exactly how specific damage has occurred within their property before going ahead with an insurance claim.

Another form of cover sometimes available as an optional extra for landlords is malicious damage insurance. This protects against the more serious destruction of your property and can be useful if you are unfortunate enough to have tenants who set fire to furniture or trash entire rooms in the property by throwing wild parties.

Although you’re unlikely to encounter this kind of tenant if you’re diligent about who you let the property to, having insurance against malicious damage can offer an extra level of protection for your investment.

If you did end up with a badly damaged property and did not have adequate insurance in place, you could struggle to afford the repairs. This would make it very difficult to get new tenants into the house, leading to further loss of income.