BMW improvements for fast moving workers that want to travel in style

The BMW brand has long been associated with high-tech, high performance motoring that’s all about connecting the driver with the road for that maximum feeling of driver enjoyment. On top of that reputation for enjoyable dynamics, the engineers at BMW have also long focused on bringing safety and frugal fuel economy along with those desirable driving enjoyment traits. It’s been a long and very technical process, but the range of BMW cars just keeps getting better and better.

Companies that want to project a certain image to their customers have long been using BMW automotive products to get their staff from meeting to meeting in style, speed and comfort. Not only do these understated German cars project a feeling of power and control, they are also plenty of fun to drive, so the staff driving them are all the happier too.

new BMW 5 series

The BMW 3 Series has won awards for serving the fleet industry year after year; model redesign after redesign. It seems that the BMW designers and engineers just cannot seem to get it wrong.

To make a sales splash in the highly competitive world of fleet cars you need a very strong, individual and exciting product. The BMW 3 Series is all of these. Most people would be happy to have a new 3 Series parked on their driveway, and if they can have it as a reasonable cost option company car, then all the better. Why not weight up the options here with some fresh BMW 3 Series contract hire deals.

This is what makes the BMW 3 Series such a compelling product for people that do a lot of driving in their working lives; that enticing balance of reasonable taxation, cool styling, frugal engines and top notch safety technology. And year after year, BMW keep on beating themselves at their own game.

Every BMW 3 Series, regardless of whether its one of the more economy focused models or indeed one of the fast and furious models, is always ready to excite the driver with its mixture of chassis balance, on-road composure and tenacious mid-corner grip, thanks to its now very familiar chassis design of a front-mounted engine powering the rear wheels. Sending the engine power to the rear wheels means that all the front wheels have to do is take care of the steering, and if you’re really handy in a car, the rear-wheel drive BMW 3 Series models with a bit more power can actually drift through corners. And that’s always a sight to see.

But, fleet drivers looking to drive a BMW 3 Series are more likely to head towards the lower end of the engine power scale and look for high fuel economy figures and low CO2 emissions figures. These are the kinds of figures that will save these drivers money on their company car tax. However, even a very frugal diesel 3 Series is still a lot of fun to drive thanks to good engine power and that rear-wheel drive chassis.

Even with some of the smaller capacity engines up front and a more frugal nature to the car’s intended use, a decent spec 3 Series is never an austere story inside, especially if you spend a little extra from the options list. The design inside is as clean, calm and self-assured as the design on the outside, and there’s always plenty of the latest safety and entertainment technology to be found – further keys reasons behind the BMW success story.

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