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Apple Struggles to Break Ties with Samsung






California – They say that breaking up is hard to do. This really seems to be the case in the matter of Apple and Samsung.

Samsung is Apple’s biggest rival when it comes to smartphones and PC tablets. Coincidentally, the former is also Apple’s main supplier for the chips used in iPhones and iPads, at least until 2014. Imagine the predicament that Apple seems to find itself in. After all, how can you break ties with the company that supplies almost all of the major components of your devices even the better part of the decade involved patent lawsuits left and right?

Never the less, Apple seems to have already found a way to get out of Samsung’s path for good. After much technical delays, the company has finally sealed the deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. earlier this week. This deal has long been rumored but the reason why it has taken forever to push through is because the previous TSMC chips were unable to meet the performance standards set by Apple. However, TSMC has finally figured out how it can meet Apple standards and that is by utilizing the advanced “20-nanometer” technology in manufacturing the chips it will be supplying.

The breaking of ties could seriously hurt Samsung’s revenues. After all, orders from Apple amount to more than 10% of the company’s revenues. It has been noted that Apple has been trying to break ties with Samsung since 2008.

Both Samsung and Apple declined to comment on this news.



Android and iOS Gaming Consoles in the Works


It is undeniable that one of the biggest selling points of Android and iOS devices is their gaming capability. This is also why a lot of consumers have a hard time picking which type of device to purchase. Imagine being able to play games like Temple Run and Angry Birds on your TV. While the Playstation 4 and Xbox One can definitely cater to the needs of hardcore gamers, most of those who purchase Android and iOS devices are only looking to while the time away playing casual games. What if there was a gaming console that can play Android and iOS games?

That is a question that may be given an answer to in the very near future. Today’s tech giants, Google and Apple, are currently racing to come up with a gaming console dedicated to Android and iOS games. Sources at Google say that the company is making this move in response to news that Apple has already started on the first stages of their development plan.

Earlier this week however, start-up company Ouya Inc. and renowned graphics card manufacturer NVidia launched the first ever Android based gaming console and controller. Priced at $99 per unit, this console is surely going to be a hit. Coincidentally, Google has been closely monitoring the sales of the Ouya console.

If the rumored plans of Google and Apple pushes through, what could this mean for Ouya? Many say that it will definitely kill the Ouya console in the market because the two giants will most likely come up with a better, albeit more expensive version. Ouya’s capability to run ROM emulated games could be its only edge.


Amazon.Com to Employ 500 For Tech-Related Jobs In Fairfax County

The Gov. of Virginia, Robert F. McDonnell (R) has made an announcement that is planning a recruitment of 500 employees to its Fairfax County Web Service Businesses. The Dulles Corridor was cemented as a major information technology centre and big data storage. This highlighted the retail giant’s growing role as computer storage provider through the division of Amazon Web Services that was established by the company in the year 2006.


Mr. McDonnell also said in a press release that to support engineering and services for commercial as well as Government customers of AWS cloud services, Amazon will create a Herndon area office. An amount of $100,000 per year is expected to be paid by the jobs as an average. No further information was received from a spokesperson of Amazon.

The Western Fairfax and parts of Loudoun County houses an important telecommunication network which has been named as MAE-east and it is the main Internet hub on the East Coast and connects to a growing network of data centers and other infrastructures of technology. The vice chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Raul Fernandez has commented that Virginia has delivered and one more time has stood aside from other jurisdictions.

He also added by saying that the other jobs which will be created out of these Amazon jobs shall result in the addition of the diversification of employer base in that region. On the other hand, $ 500, 000 has been approved by McDonnell as state grant for assisting the Amazon’s recruitment and training.

Step By Step Remodeling To Stay Updated With Lifestyle

With the recovery of the housing market, people are renovating their homes. According to the recent report, the owners spent 9% on renovation in the year 2012 either to get a contemporary look or to increase its value of the property. Even in this year, there is an expected rise in the renovation rate.


A resident of Arlington, named O’Grady made a replacement of her porch and front walkway.  She painted her kitchen and even she has planned to replace the countertops with granite. Again, a couple Juliet Amending and Luke renovated their bedroom. The female partner wished to sell the property, but want to renovate the property before selling it.

According to the experts, there are varieties of factors associated with the growth of remodeling project. From the budget of the project to hiring an expert professional, it’s essential to hire the best professional in order to get the best services.

There are many homeowners who wish to get an increased resale value of their property.  Thus, a little renovation can easily help them gain more profit in the long run. Most of the expensive property buyers emphasize on the presentation of kitchen as well as bathroom. An addition of wooden deck can also get a return of 91 percent on the resale of property.

Engagement Parties & Wedding Showers

Engagement and wedding are the two vital occasions in the life of every couple. The event can be organized in different ways according to the taste and preferences of individuals. You can always ask your friends to take care of the different aspects of invitation for your marriage. A formal reception can be organized just after the day of the event.


Either Invite All Or Do Not Even Plan For Single One

If you are close to a group of friends, do invite them. Before you invite all your well-wishers for your wedding, have a look at your budget. If your budget allows, you can invite all. If the list is endless, it’s advisable to either invite all or no one in the group.

Wedding Plans Maxed Out

Most of the people prefer to keep their wedding simple. But guardians have a lot of expectations from their child’s marriage and so prefer to include a lot of things. From goodie bags to rehearsal dinners, there are so many different ceremonies involved in the wedding. Even when it comes to the breakfast or supper for the guests, there are a lot of different options to consider.

Remember, wedding is one of the biggest day’s in everyone’s life. So, one needs to secure all the special plans to make this day special. In the words of Caolyn Hax,“When the family relationship is playing out with assertion by the mothers without apology, you must have a remote control to get everything in the right order”.

G7 Countries Agree on More Stern Policies to Control Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion

The G7 countries are all geared up to work on collective decision for preventing tax avoidance and tax evasion and promoting economic growth throughout UK. In a crucial two-day meeting at Buckinghamshire, Chancellor Osborne encouraged all the individuals and firms to pay the tax billed and become a part of sustainable global economy recovery.


He is also assisted by Mervyn King and other G7 nation’s central bank governors and finance ministers in addressing the delicate issue of MNCs targeting easily transferable pricing rules to move their profits into tax havens like Cayman Islands and the Jersey. He said that these UK territories will have to play an active role in solving the problem of tax avoidance and tax evasion.

“We must have an efficient system in place to save big banks from failing and protect honest taxpayers in a transparent manner,” Osborne said. The problem of tax evasion and avoidance is difficult to control until all the European countries agree to share exclusive details on possible violation in the area of taxation.


France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the US and UK are presently signed up to the pilot scheme which enables tax professionals to share information of firms and individuals with one another. G7 wants the remaining European countries including low tax territories Austria and Luxembourg to join this unique scheme at the earliest and reduce the cases of tax evasion and avoidance.

G7 is the popular platform where all the member countries have reiterated their commitment to the tax evasion through new tax policy and promote a lasting economy recovery so that growth and prosperity can be enjoyed by all the European countries in real time.





ONS Chief Economist Declaration: the Economy Debate is Counter-Productive

The chief economist of Office for National Statistics, Joe Grice has said that the counter-productive public debate about the economy has proved a hindrance. He commented when he came to know that the double-dip recession could be avoided. This fact was revealed based on the recent figures by ONS that says that the construction sector had received contracts lesser than what was estimated in the year 2012.

The Economy Debate

The present position shall be clarified when the statistics of the next month will come out. The analysts after revising the facts and figures were convinced that the overall economy had a narrow escape before falling into recession for the second time.

Mr. Grice has said that they are keeping a check on the statistics as soon as new facts are revealed. He has strongly blamed on the attention which was given over the talks relating to the double-dip and the triple-dip recession by the company. He also insisted by saying that it is important to see to the happenings to the broad trends in the economy during a specific period of time.

Mr. Grice further added that the company has witnessed growth since last two or three years and the percentage is only half percentage. The road was tough and the situation is very different from the year 2008. The ONS is scheduled to provide its final growth estimates in the month of June. To be in recession, the company will have to register negative growth for a couple of years.


Fannie Mae to Surrender $59.4 Billion to US Treasury

A remarkable news hit today’s headline in almost all local and national dailies of the United States of America. It said that Fannie Mae, the owner of the largest company dealing in Mortgage finance, will pay the US treasury a sum of $59.4 billion. This payment would be a tax payment against a massive income during the first three month of this financial year.

Mortgage Giants Crisis

This is indeed a massive sum that has been paid to the treasury of any country across the globe this year. Describing the fabulous success this year, Fannie Mae told that her company has been making profits right through the last five straight quarters. Remembering her experiences during the last few years, Mae told newsmen that her company was seized by the government in 2008 and since then she had worked hard to achieve this rare honour.  Not only that she also told the newsmen this evening that her company had never looked back after 2008 and it has been achieving milestones one after another.

Describing the company’s fast growth rate, Timothy Mayopoulos said that the company works on a strong principal and that evaluates every case on its own way. The experts of the company are extremely experienced and that is the key to success for the entire company. She said that the company would continue working on its own standards that has paid them richly over the last few years. She promised to pay the taxes with any hesitation. She also reported the newsmen that all companies of Mae are at a rise as per the market standards today.


Pepsico Gets In Trouble for Releasing Racist Ads

Lil Wayne no longer associated with the company

One of the most popular rappers and a well-known pop singer, Lil Wayne was signed by the PepsiCo in order to promote their company’s soda, Mountain Dew. Unfortunately, the AD got into a lot of controversies as Lil Wayne is believed to pass lewd remarks about Emmett Till in a song, the civil rights idealist.

Therefore, PepsiCo decides to sever all ties with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne’s publicist Sarah Cunningham however claims that the partying was due to “creative differences” and that they have no hard feelings for each other as it was a friendly separation. The company clearly states that it is not responsible for any racist remarks made to civil rights martyr as the AD under no circumstances represents the brands ideals.


The AD that fell prey to controversies

PepsiCo and the rapper Lil Wayne calls off a deal they made for brand promotion. Lil Wayne was accused to making racial comments about the civil rights icon Emmett Till, black teen who hailed from Chicago was brutally tortured and murdered during his stay at Mississippi for whistling at a white woman in 1955.

The Company pulled another AD

This is not the first time Pepsi got in trouble for portraying racist messages; the company also hogged quite a bit of limelight and hit the headlines with the online AD this week itself. Tyler, the creator who is also a rapper made a song in an AD for PepsiCo which circled around racist innuendos as well as violence and atrocities done on women are shown. The company apologized and pulled the AD.

The Changing Picture of European Economy

Business news from one of the largest continent like Europe is something, which attracts the attention of any nation’s economy and also the scholars of political science, to make a comparative analysis of topics concerning their subject. The top featured news from Europe include David Owen’s ( the chief European Economist) comment at Jefferies International to CNBC, that Euro Zone is turning Japanese, with even the demographics looking the same as Japan fifteen years ago. The European Central bank (ECB) and its board members are gathering in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, and this meeting is expected to be remembered by everybody in times to come.


A collective howl of protests and despair is expected on the streets of Europe on 1st May 2013. Support from ECB has failed to stimulate small businesses and reach households in Euro zone, claims the analysts. Geoff Wilkinson says that, the European market recovery is at odds with fundamentals and highlights the performance of banking sector. Jim Cramer has started to wonder, if the events in Europe are likely to have an impact on US stocks. European share market on Tuesday closed at lower gains.

The most important news which shook the business industry was that Maserati dealers in Italy reported a drop of 80 percent in its production, due to which the economy of Europe had to undergo a huge loss. Apart from all the news mentioned above, if one wants to know more of business news; one can either go through the official websites of the news channels, which would give them all the comprehensive details of the news which they are looking for, or can get the same news from magazines and news papers.

HDFC Bank Leads the Market for More Than 13 Years

India’s premier private sector banks and money lender, HDFC Bank has been leading the national market in India for more than 54 weeks now. It is more than 13 years in a row. It is certainly a big achievement of the bank that shows its strong hold in the Indian market. The bank has been maintaining a steady growth rate of more than 30 percent over the years.


As per the quarterly report issued by the bank for the last quarter ended on March 31, 2013, the Bank recorded a growth rate of 30.1 percent in the net profits. Revealing the statistics to the press, the bank analysts claimed to maintain this rate of growth with a fairly positive chance of bettering it even further. The HDFC Bank works with a solid planning that takes it closer to the market where the scope of business is wider than the other aspects.

The strategists working for the Bank are focusing towards the retail market and other such areas where it can put more customers under its flagship. However, the Bank targets the corporate market and has a very strong hold over the capital that is involved in the business through different corporate companies.

The bank comes up with innovative plans and policies that are highly beneficial for its customers. Moreover, it works with a full dedication to bring the best banking services to its customers. The NRI facilities from HDFC Bank are really very good that attracts the NRIs towards the bank.