Apple’s stock, 27 records in a month

Since February 14, Apple’s stock has reached 27 record highs in 31 days.

“We do not organize a toga party or do anything weird, so people should not worry that the money we will burn your hands.” – Tim Cook.

Common sense told us that the price of Apple’s stock would soar after the company declared a dividend.

And it required that the momentum was more subtle, just a sign that a dividend was coming.

On 14 February, CEO Tim Cook gave the signal to a Goldman Sachs conference , promising “the best decision for shareholders,” and no party exotic. The action took off and never looked back. When announced stock repurchase plan and dividend payments on March 19, only accelerated their advance.

In total, the price of Apple’s role is up nearly $110 within 31 days from the speech of Feb. 14, and its market capitalization has grown by more than 104,000 million dollars–roughly equivalent to the value of Amazon.

On Tuesday, the price of Apple closed at a new high  price of 614.48 dollars–the 27th record in 31 trading days.

I say the action is in overbought conditions (overbought), and still may fall. Just this Wednesday, it often rises to Apple earlier this week to fall to close on Friday. It also tends to recede before the financial reports only to recover when the figures are reported.

If that will happen this quarter, time is running out. The second fiscal quarter of the company ends this Saturday, and it looks to be a good one.


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