A welcoming office front could bring you more customers

First impressions in business can be crucial. Clients and customers want to be welcomed and what better way of achieving this by creating an inviting outdoor space in front of your company’s premises.

Read on to find ways in which you can make an attractive business front but at the same time ensuring that the building is well protected.


Garden space

The majority of offices are in middle of some urban metropolis, or worse situated on a soulless industrial estate, with nothing but concrete and glass as far as the eye can see. To set your business apart, you can go about creating a garden outside of the premises. A splash of greenery will add some much needed colour to an otherwise dull combo of bricks and mortar.

Intertwining small lawns and gravel parts will give a much more unique feel to your business and show that there is much more than data and statistics to the the operation. A well thought out garden can portray an image of creativity and loving affection.

Water features

These do exactly what they says on the tin: creates a feature, a point of interest. Again, it is something not usually related to the world of business but a small water feature or fountain can add a real sense of welcoming to the building.

While the days of Ground Force putting a similar feature in every home they redeveloped are long gone, these items still provide a ‘wow’ factor especially when clients are not expected to be confronted with them.

It is important however, to ensure that the garden area is sufficiently safe and secure. This is where the role of metal railings comes into play and choosing the right type of product can give a real touch of class to the front of a building.

Ornamental fencing

Ornamental fencing is great option for businesses to choose as they give that idea of authority while not detracting from the beauty of the garden that you have lovingly created. Jacksons Security Fencing offers a wide range of fencing which will be in keeping with the tone that you are attempting to create for your business.

The barriers provide aesthetic grace that you simply can not get with other products available on the market. Additional panels will also add a high level of security which will not only emphasise the overall look of the structure but tell visitors that the building is secure.

Transparent railings

When installing a water feature or other focal point of the outside garden at your business you want to ensure that it is suitably protected. Transparent railings are the perfect tool as they will not only keep your water feature or pond safe but also avoid detracting from the overall look of the garden.

Remember, when you are creating a site of this ilk while you want to send a message to clients and customers of a welcoming environment you also want to be free of vandalism or disrepair. By installing the correct metal railings and fencing you will effortlessly achieve this and wow anyone visiting your premises.

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