A look at ways to foster a team spirit among employees

Regardless of the size of your workforce or the industry you are in, it’s important to cultivate a team spirit within your company. However, just because people work for the same organisation you should not automatically assume that there is a sense of cohesion and togetherness between them.

team spirit

Indeed, you and your employees need to invest time and effort into developing positive working relationships with each another. This is where teambuilding events come in handy and, whether they are one-off sessions or held on a regular basis, can quickly help individuals to feel like an integral part of your organisation and get on well with their colleagues. With that in mind, here are some of the activities you might want to offer for your employees:


Bowling is a fantastic teambuilding event and, as people can play the sport in teams or individually, is a good way to encourage healthy competition and a sense of togetherness among staff. This activity isn’t too physically demanding, so it should prove suitable for workers of all ages and fitness levels to participate in.

It’s important to take into account the needs of your entire workforce when selecting teambuilding activities, and while pursuits such as paintballing may appeal to those in their 20s it might be unpopular among older colleagues.

Treasure hunts

Another great way to build a team spirit among employees from different departments and/or various backgrounds is to organise a treasure hunt. By getting staff to work together to solve clues and find hidden treasure, they should get to learn more about one another.

While you could organise a treasure hunt in your local park or in a city centre location, you might want to put on an event that takes place indoors – perhaps even inside the office – in case the weather is bad. After all, spending hours in the pouring rain trying to locate points on a map may not be all of your employees’ idea of a good time!


If you’re keen to hold a teambuilding weekend, you might want to think about organising an orienteering session. These are similar to treasure hunts but tend to work on a much larger scale and see teams navigate their way between control points marked on a unique map. Here, they have to decide for themselves which is the best route to take to complete the course in the quickest time.

Orienteering is a fantastic activity for people of all ages and, as you can walk, jog or run around the course and progress at your own pace, it should be a suitable teambuilding event for a wide array of workers.

These are just some of your options when it comes to organising teambuilding events for staff, but – regardless of what activity you choose – it’s important to harness the marketing opportunities they present you with.

Indeed, the use of promotional products offers a good opportunity to enhance the feeling of togetherness within your firm. Getting staff to wear the same items of clothing – whether it is fleeces (which may be ideal for outdoor pursuits), caps, T-shirts or something else – should help them to feel like they are part of something greater.

Fantastic promotional clothing can be ordered through companies like 4imprint and, in doing so, you’ll give workers good-quality items that will enable them to look back on the teambuilding session and, by extension, your company  with fond memories for many years to come.

What are you doing to build a team spirit among your staff? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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