5 Most Reliable Family Cars of 2013

As families up and down the UK begin to plan their summer holidays, the choice of what car to hire is often a vital consideration. There’s nothing worse than the thought of spending a long stretch of your special holiday stuck on the hard shoulder awaiting breakdown recovery!

Therefore, reliability is as important as space and comfort for a family looking for the car to take them on holiday. With that in mind, we’ve assembled the 5 most reliable family car models available this year. If you’re after a hire option that gives your family all the space they need but will also ensure that you get to your destination and back hassle-free, then look no further.

5: Nissan Qashqai

Average breakdown rate per year: 16 percent

nissan qashqai

Refined comfort and smooth 4X4 handling make the Nissan Qashqai a natural car hire choice for families looking to strike out for the more remote parts of the UK or the Continent. Critically, the Qashqai marries practicality to style as it is economical to run and highly reliable with only a 16 per cent average breakdown rate per year based on over 6 years of data.

4: Toyota Prius

Average breakdown rate per year: 12 percent

toyota prius

The Prius boasts a spacious cabin with plenty of boot space to back it up, swallowing the masses of luggage often brought on summer holidays. As well as its significant green credentials, the Prius also sports an impressive reliability rate thanks to its sturdy design and hybrid engine.

3: Mazda 3

Average breakdown rate per year: 10 percent

mazda 3

As impressively hard-wearing as its predecessors, the Mazda 3 has a proven track record for reliability thanks to its sound engineering and sturdy interior plastics. For the same reasons the Mazda 3 invariably scores extremely highly on industry safety tests, especially in the child protection categories.

2: Honda Accord

Average breakdown rate per year: 10 percent

honda accord

Scoring consistently high for reliability year after year, Honda is secure in its reputation for providing family cars that won’t let their drivers down. The Accord is no exception, with a stunningly low average breakdown rate per year of 10 per cent.

1: Toyota Corolla

Average breakdown rate per year: 7 percent

toyota corolla

One of the all time greats, the Toyota Corolla is a car hire international favourite with good reason as it stands head and shoulders above much of the competition in terms of comfort, performance and, of course, reliability. From bumper to bonnet, it’s chock-full of quality components that won’t let you down when you’re headed off to your summer holiday idyll.

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